Generally, the lower part of the cement silo is equipped with an arch-breaking device to prevent powder from clumping. It makes the powder unload smoothly and is equipped with a material-level sensing device, which can grasp the use of materials in the bin at any time.

Bulk cement silo arch breaking device is an essential factor affecting the use of cement silo, because the cement silo with a long time, the bulk cement tank rust, corrosion phenomenon, resulting in rainwater into; or the material itself is not dry enough and other problems, will lead to bulk cement silo discharge is not smooth.


So how to solve the problem of cement silo discharge is not smooth?

  1. Check the tightness of the cement silo; if there are gaps, seal it with sealing strips in time;
  2. When the cement storage silo is discharged at the feeding port, you can properly open the arch breaking device to disperse the cement and facilitate the discharging;
  3. Do not blindly knock on the tank when feeling the cement silo outlet is blocked. Identify the cause to prescribe the right medicin

In short, this problem should be considered in the design of cement storage silos and fundamentally solve the problem of cement silo discharge is not smooth. The shape and position of the hopper and discharge port directly affect whether the discharge is smooth, and it has decisive significance in preventing arching.

The location of the hopper discharge opening is usually center discharge, edge, side discharge, etc. There are also various options for the inverted cone shape of the hopper, and our cement silos support customized production, which is reasonably designed for the discharge opening without arching. Welcome to inquiry.