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Supply 1-1000tons cement silo, support customization. The cement silo produced by Furein machinery has good corrosion resistance, good sealing performance of silo, a good dust removal effect, and is very easy to use and maintain.

standard cement silo

Standard Cement Silo

  • This standard cement silo is the earliest cement silo design.
  • It is generally used in concrete batching plants to store bulk cement, a closed storage tank.
  • It is that the tank body is welded and can be installed directly by hoisting it.
  • This type of cement silo takes up more space during transportation and is suitable for short-distance transportation.
  • It can also store various bulk materials such as grain, cement, and fly ash, etc.
  • It is easy to install and has a wide range of applications. Standard cement silo is the best partner for the mixing plant.

Bolted Cement Silo

  • The bolted cement silo was born to save freight, it can save more than 1/2 freight.
  • It is piece by piece, and each detachable cement silo has screw holes, which are manufactured with numerical control molds with very high precision so that each cement sheet is seamlessly connected.
  • The tank of bolted cement silo is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and the location of material, and it can also be linked to the control system, all the material can be controlled by a button.
  • The bottom of the cement silo is equipped with an arch-breaking device to make the materials in a loose state.
bolted cement silo

Horizontal Cement Silo

  • From the appearance, the horizontal cement silo is rectangular, the cone is also square.
  • The bottom is supported by a number of legs and the body is welded from a steel frame.
  • The bottom of the horizontal cement silo is also equipped with a butterfly valve and screw conveyor to facilitate the conveying of materials.
  • Horizontal cement silo common 2 silos, 4 silos, 6 silos, etc., the popular model has 30T, 50T, 80T and 100 tons, etc.
  • It can be customized according to your needs.

Portable Cement Silo

  • Portable cement silo is used with portable concrete batching plant.
  • Easy to disassemble and move, can be moved with the mobile concrete batching plant, all control wires no need disassembled.
  • Easy to install, low requirements for the base, the flat ground can be.
  • The mobile cement silo is improved by the horizontal cement silo, and the mobile device is added, which makes the portable concrete mixing machine is perfect.
  • General portable cement silo model has 2 silo and 4 silo.

The Best-selling In 2021 - Bolted Cement Silo

For the bolted cement silo, we specially made a 3D installation video.

It describes in detail how to do the installation step by step, and you will do it all by yourself.

I'll put a link to the 3D install video at the bottom of this post.

If you find the video a bit complicated and want a faster way to install it, please contact us.

If you buy our bolted cement silo, it will be piece by piece when you receive it(send the below picture), which will help you save the most space and shipping costs.

Bolted cement silos are designed for export, transporting cement silos to foreign countries can save expensive sea freight.


The diameter and height of the bolted cement silo can be customized according to the height of your warehouse, or match with the concrete batching plant, or match with your dry mix mortar plant.

There are many models that can be chosen, capacity at 1-1000tons, Cement Silo 100 TON is the most popular in 2021.

How does the cement get into the cement silo?

Generally, it is the use of a tank car pump cement to the cement silo, can also be used bucket elevator to lift the cement o the cement silo.

How do you know if the material store is full or has been used up?

Don't worry, these problems have been solved when the cement silo design.

There are sensors at the top and bottom of the cement silo, which are linked to the control system to see where the material is stored.

In order to make the material flow out smoothly, the bottom of the cone is equipped with a broken arch device, which can make the material flow out smoothly forever.

In the storage system, the largest source of pollution comes from the cement silo inlet.

The cement silo inlet is generally in the middle of the silo on the position.

In order to collect imported dust, a dust removal device is installed on the top of the cement silo.

There are electric dust collectors and pulse dust collectors to choose from.

How To Install A Bolted Cement Silo?

Cement Silo Specification

As a cement silo manufacturer with 15+ years of experience, FUREIN existing standard cement silo models are: 30T, 50T, 60T, 80 T, 100 T, 120 T, 150 T, 160 T, 180 T, 200 T, 250 T, 300 T. Cement silos above 300T need to be customized in advance. The maximum cement silo capacity can reach 1000 T.

Models 30T 50T 80T 100T 120T 150T 200T 300T
Tank Diameter 2.5m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3.2m 4.5m 4.5m
Tank Height 4.8m 5.4m 7.5m 9m 10.5m 12.8m 18.6m 24.6m
Total Height 8.5m 8m 10m 11.5m 13m 15.6m 23m 29.5m

Note: The above parameters are for your reference only. If you need more detailed parameters and quotations, please feel free to contact us.

5 Questions You Care About Most

What is cement silo?

In simple terms, the cement silo is used to store cement silo. It is a storage system and is often used to store cement, sand, fly ash, etc.

In the concrete batching plant or dry mix mortar production line, it is an essential part.

In addition, cement silo according to the use of different, and designed a horizontal cement silo and portable cement silo, to meet the needs of different operations.

Cement silo is usually composed of the silo, cone, legs, sensors, dust collector, arch breaking device, spiral, butterfly valve, and so on.


How much does a cement silo cost?

The volume of cement silo is not the same, the price is not the same.

Cement silo thickness is not the same, the price is not the same.

The type of cement silo is different, the price is different.

As a professional cement silo manufacturer in China, FUREIN guarantees that all cement silos purchased from our factory are at factory price.

"Cost performance" has been the direction of our efforts.

Of course, you do not need to worry about the low price will bring you trouble, we have a professional team of engineers, quality inspectors, after-sales service team, if the quality of the cement silos is caused by a series of consequences, will be borne by us.

How does a cement silo work?

Cement silo working principle/process:

After the cement silo is installed, check all wiring. The cement will be transported to the site through the bulk cement tank truck, connected to the cement silo feed pipe, through the pump truck to transport the cement to the cement silo. The conveying process through the sensor to observe the amount of material, when the height of the material to the material level meter, please stop conveying material immediately, in order to avoid accidents. Open the bottom arch breaker and butterfly valve and transfer the material to the required position through the screw conveyor.

What is the difference between a vertical cement silo and a horizontal cement silo? How to choose?

Different uses. Vertical cement silo, mainly used for dry mortar plant, ready mix concrete mixing plant, etc. Horizontal cement silo is mainly used for concrete batching plants.

If the overall height of the installation is not limited, outdoor installation, you can choose the vertical cement silo. The material is heavier, the particle is larger material, can choose the horizontal cement silo.

Distance is far, can choose vertical cement silo, which help you save freight.

Are you factory or manufacturer?

Yes, we are. We guarantee that you get the factory price and have a high-quality and excellent service team.

In manufacturing, cement silo is an important part of dry mortar plant, tile adhesive manufacturing plant, wall putty manufacturing machine, road marking paint plant, etc.

Shipping Site of Cement Storage Silo

Wouldn't it be cool to have storage silos stacked on top of each other?

How to load a cement silo for sale into the container? After hundreds of experiences, we've become experts. The climbing ladder, dust removal system, warehouse body, vertebral body, and so on of the bolted cement silo are put into the container in order. At the same time, it is necessary to consider that the cement silo will not be damaged or crushed under the condition of continuous vibration of the container.

Of course, you don't have to worry about damage to the cement bin if it's bare, the surface has been treated during the production of the cement bin. The smaller parts, such as motors and sensors, are packed in wooden cases.

cement silo
cement silo
cement silo

Cement Silo In Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

In all cement silo capacity, 50 ton cement silo and 100 ton cement silo are most popular.

The picture below is a silo cement plant, which consists of multiple cement silos 100 ton. Now we have 100 ton cement silo for sale, welcome to inquiries.

cement silo for sale
cement silo for sale

Eager To Know More About Cement Silo

First of all, we are cement silo manufacturer, to ensure that all prices are the lowest, with no middleman to earn the difference.

Secondly, the cement silo price from 30-1000ton is different, each customer is unique and supports customization.

Because bolted cement silos save transportation costs, easy to install, easy to disassemble.

Each piece of the silo is standardized production, the production cycle is short, with fast delivery.

No matter how big your cement silo capacity is, it can be loaded into containers.

Strong sealing, using special sealing strip, can withstand up to 200 degrees of high temperature.

High-cost performance.


Storage silo is generally used for bulk cement storage in the mixing station, it is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash, and other bulk materials.

Sometimes the material or air will contain a certain amount of water, if there is no protective layer inside the cement silo, it is easy to corrosion, warehouse rust will affect the service life of the cement silo.

First of all, the cement inlet is close to the top of the cement silo, and the distance to install the dust collector on the top is shorter.

Secondly, the dust is upward diffusion, the top dust collector to collect dust better.

Third, if the dust collector is not installed, the inlet and pipeline are easy to plug, for a long time, dust precipitation, easy to plug.

Fourth, the top of the dust collector is welded on the cement silo, and equipped with lightning protection and a waterproof device, it is very safe.

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