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jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher

  • Feed size of jaw crusher: 120-1500mm
  • Production capacity: 1-1000t/h
  • Applicable materials: All kinds of stone which having a compressive strength of less than 320 Mpa.
  • Application scope: sand and stone field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc
Model Feeding Size(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Dimensions(L*W*H)
PE150*250 150*250 125 1-3 5.5 760*700*860mm
PE200*300 200*300 180 2-6 7.5 915*780*990mm
PE200*350 200*350 180 3-10 11 1000*914*112mm
PE250*400 250*400 210 5-21 15 1100*1032*1285mm
PE400*600 400*600 340 16-64 30 1623*1736*1615mm
PE500*750 500*750 425 40-110 55 1920*1850*1920mm
PE600*750 600*750 500 80-240 55 2020*1850*1920mm
PE600*900 600*900 500 50-160 55 2530*1900*2340mm
PE900*1200 900*1200 750 220-380 110 3470*2876*3330mm
Europe jaw crusher

Europe Jaw Crusher

  • Feed size of jaw crusher: 200-1300mm
  • Production capacity: 1-2000t/h
  • Jaw crusher, the crushing cavity is composed of dynamic and static jaw plate version, simulation animal two jaw movement and complete material crushing, crushing strength, uniform end product size, simple structure, low operating costs, can meet the demand of different users, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industries.
Model Max. Feed Size(mm) Feed Port Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(mm) Dimension(mm)
CJ96 480 930*580 105-390 90 2850*2270*1950
CJ106 560 1060*700 150-500 110 3280*2580*2400
CJ120 700 1200*870 175-610 160 3700*2790*2950
CJ125 760 1250*950 270-830 160 4230*2780*2960
CJ150 960 1400*1200 340-880 200 5030*3440*3970
CJ160 960 1600*1200 430-1145 250 5780*3460*3580
CJ200 1200 2000*1500 630-1590 400 6600*3000*4400
CJ1511 850 1500*1070 380-1080 200 4130*300*3330

How To Work?

Primary Jaw Crusher & Fine Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher can be divided into primary jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher. Primary jaw crusher is used for primary crushing and fine jaw crusher is used for secondary crushing for stone.

primary jaw crusher

Primary Jaw Crusher

fine jaw crusher

Fine Jaw Crusher

What is the Difference Between Primary Jaw Crusher and Fine Jaw Crusher?

1.The feeding and discharging particle sizes are different

The fine jaw crusher is also called PEX series jaw crusher. There are 5 models, the feed size is within 250mm, the output size is 18-90mm, the crushing ratio is large, the output size is small. It can be directly used in construction and other industries.

The primary jaw crusher is what we often call the PE series jaw crusher. There are more than 20 models, the feed size can reach 1200mm, and the discharge size can be adjusted freely between 10-400mm to meet the needs of different users. The cavity design is relatively deep, which improves the crushing efficiency, and the effect of energy-saving and consumption reduction is significant.

2. The output is different.

Fine jaw crushers are relatively small crushers with an output of 8-105t/h;

Primary jaw crushers capacity at 1-1000t, which can meet your various needs.

3. Application is different

The fine jaw crusher is suitable for secondary crushing. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries;

The primary jaw crusher is used in the first process of crushing and processing stones. It is suitable for processing various ores with a compressive strength of less than 250MPa and has a wide range of applications.

4. Price is different

Because the model of fine jaw crusher is smaller, its overall price is lower than primary jaw crusher.

The price of each type is different, and the quotation is also different.

If you want a detailed comparison, contact us and we will give you the most suitable quotation.

Although there are differences between the fine jaw crusher and the coarse jaw crusher, after years of development, they have stable and reliable performance, large crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, simple operation, and low maintenance costs. Bring you immeasurable value, is a good helper for broken stones.