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Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

What Is Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine?

As its name shows, it is a machine that produces or manufactures wall putty powder, or it can also be called a wall putty manufacturing plant, a wall putty mixing machine, or a wall putty making machine. Suppose it is the mass production of wall putty. In that case, it is usually a whole production line consisting of a feeding system, mixing system, weighing system, unloading system, storage system, packaging system, etc. According to the set wall putty formula, you only need to put all materials into the wall putt making machine.

Types of Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant

The wall putty manufacturing machine can be divided into: Simple production line (annual output 3000-10000 tons); Semi-auto wall putty manufacturing plant (annual output of 10,000 tons -- 50,000 tons); Automatic wall putty making machine (annual output of more than 100,000 tons).

wall putty manufacturing plant

Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant

Capacity More than 30t/h
Double Shaft Mixer 6000
Mixer Power 45kw
Worker Required 4-5 person
Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Capacity 20-30t/h
Double Shaft Mixer 4000
Mixer Power 30kw
Worker Required 3-4 person
Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Small Wall Putty Making Machine

Capacity 1-8t/h
Ribbon Mixer 3000
Mixer Power 5.5-15kw
Worked Required 2-3 person

Simple Wall Putty Making Machine

Simple wall putty making machine is suitable for small and medium enterprises, for a large building materials company, you can choose custom automatic wall putty manufacturing plant, annual output can reach 300,000 to 600,000 tons, if you needs, welcome to China to visit our factory at any time, of course, if your country controls are strictly because of the "novel coronavirus", contact us online by video to watch our factory.

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine
  • The simple semi-automatic wall putty manufacturing machine generally adopts manual feeding or forklift to put the raw materials into the feed port, and then a bucket elevator or screw conveyor to transport the materials into the wall putty mixing machine. After 3-5 minutes of mixing, the materials will be mixed evenly. The mixed material is sent to the finished product bin for packaging. The dust collector will be configured at the feed port and the packing machine to reduce the dust in the workshop. The overall structure of this type of wall putty manufacturing process is simple, and it is more suitable for small powder enterprises.
  • For small production enterprises, this type of wall putty machine can not only meet your output, but also facilitate the increase of investment in the later stage and expand the scale.
  • The whole production line is simple in structure, simple in operation and maintenance, and short in the construction period.
  • The main mixing machine can adopt the bare belt wall putty mixer or the double-shaft paddle no-gravity mixer, which has the advantages of fast mixing speed, high efficiency, and the mixing uniformity of more than 95%.
  • This type of wall putty powder making machine has small investment and small occupation area, which makes the investment more reasonable for small dry mortar production enterprises.

Full Automatic Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Ready Mix Plaster Plant

The whole wall putty manufacturing plant has the characteristics of middle investment, short construction period, and quick return from investment. The general output can reach 20-30 t/h. Operator 3-5 workers, covers an area of 20-30 square meters.

The capacity is 100,000 tons per year, this production line is the raw material (cement, fly ash, thickened powder, quartz powder, or yellow sand) through pneumatic conveying and bucket elevator respectively transported to the storage silo, through the computer batching, conveying, mixing, finished product packaging, transportation, etc., suitable for the production of all kinds of ordinary mortar and special mortar.

This kind of automatic wall putty-making machine generally adopts two layers of the steel frame structure, its structure is compact, high automation, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

sand dryer for wall putty manufacturing machine

You can choose whether to purchase sand dryer equipment according to your needs.

Applicable materials: river sand, yellow sand, quartz sand, pomegranate sand, construction sand, etc.

Capacity: 3 tons -- 15 tons per hour of sand after drying.

The main sand dryer machine is made of a wear-resistant manganese plate, which is 3-4 times more wear-resistant than an ordinary steel plate. If the water content of the sand is 15%, the final water content of the sand can be guaranteed to be less than 0.5%. Compared with the traditional single cylinder sand dryer, the thermal efficiency can be improved by more than 40%, and the floor space can be reduced by about 60%.

What Are The Components Of A Wall Putty Production Line?

Detachable cement silos for wall putty proudction line

Detachable Cement Silos

Detachable cement silos can save transportation space to the maximum extent and are easy to install.

dry mortar mixer for wall putty manufacturing machine

Wall Putty Mortar Mixer

Wall putty mixer, 3-5 minutes/batch, with pneumatic control.

Weighing system for wall putty manufacturing plant

Weighing System

Weighing system, input the weight of each raw material according to the recipe; the accuracy is up to 99.8%.

Finished product bin for wall putty making machine

Finished Product Bin

Finished product bin, generally fixed again under the mixer, containing a spiral, which can be mixed twice.

Valve bag filling machine

Valve Bag Filling Machine

Valve bag filling machine with a computerized measuring device, usually with a conveyor and palletizer, to complete the automatic operation.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator with high lifting efficiency and large conveying capacity can choose the best one according to the customer's material.

Dust collector for wall putty manufacturing machine

Dust Collector

Dust collector, equipped with pulse solenoid valve, can realize automatic dust removal.

PLC control system

PLC Control System

PLC control system can intelligently operate the whole wall putty production line, and it is easy to operate.

Palletizer for wall putty powder


Palletizer and belt conveyor, automatic packaging machine together to form a fully automatic production line, working very well.

Engineer Emily from Furein


tile adhesive used for living room
tile adhesive used for bathroom
tile adhesive used for kitchen room
tile adhesive used for decorate
  1. The bonding mortar, mainly including ceramic tile binder, sealant, thermal insulation mortar, special bonding mortar, etc.;
  2. The plastering mortar: such as internal and external wall plastering, putty, color decorative mortar, thermal insulation mortar;
  3. The masonry mortar: including ordinary masonry mortar, concrete block special thin bed mortar, thermal insulation masonry mortar, etc.
  4. The floor mortar: such as ordinary floor mortar, self-leveling mortar, etc.;
  5. The special mortar: including repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder and so on.

What is wall putty?

Wall putty mortar is a kind of adornment material; it is a kind of indispensable coating before the stuccoing wall and can make metope looks neat and smooth.

The white layer on the surface of the rough house is putty.

It is a simple material used to repair the leveling wall and lays a good foundation for the next decoration stage, painting, and wallpaper.

Putty is divided into the inner wall and external wall putty. Outer wall putty should resist wind and sun, so the glue is big, high strength and the environmental protection index is lower.

The inner wall putty has the characteristics of heat preservation, moistureproof, and beauty; Therefore, the same formula cannot be used for interior and outer wall putty.

Wall putty manufacturing raw materials

Know what putty is, then talk about the raw materials of wall putty.

Wall putty is one of the most common building decoration materials, mainly talcum powder and glue.

The composition of wall putty: hemihydrate gypsum (plaster of Paris) powder; calcium sulfate hemihydrate (Caso4.H2o); occasionally light calcium carbonate or white cement; Daxian (heavy calcium carbonate) 70-75%, gypsum powder 20-25%, carboxymethyl fiber powder 2-2.5%, retarder 2-2.5%, thickener 0.4-0.6%.

Wall putty mortar formula

About the formula of putty powder, the difference is quite extensive.

For example, the formula for inner wall putty is different from that of outer wall putty.

And interior walls be bored with child, waterproof and blame waterproof formula also is different.

Here is a list of interior wall water-resistant putty formulas:

  • Heavy calcium 650
  • Ash calcium 344
  • HPMC 2
  • PVA 4

Note: This is a formulation system. No glue powder was used.

I have tested it, and it is possible, but some people think that the content of ash calcium is a little higher, and the HPMC is a little less.

Others believe that 100 more talcs can be added.

All I'm saying is that everyone's needs are different, and you need to constantly test out the formulation that works best for you based on your circumstances.

How Wall Putty Is Manufactured? Wall Putty Manufacturing Process

Let's take a semi-automatic wall putty manufacturing machine as an example:

  1. Reay all wall putty manufacturing raw material firstly.
  2. Open the feeding screw and put all the raw materials (including additives) into the feeding port.
  3. The raw material is conveyed to the wall putty mixing machine through the screw conveyor.
  4. The wall putty mixer has three layers of spiral belts, which can mix the materials evenly in the shortest time.
  5. Then, the mixed well material is transported to the finished silo through the control system.
  6. When the material mixed in the warehouse accumulates to a certain level, the automatic packaging system is turned on.
  7. The automatic packaging machine packs the material into bags.
  8. If the output is large, a robotic palletizer can also be used.

This is the semi-automatic wall putty manufacturing plant. If it is a fully automatic line, there is no need for manual feeding, and everything can be operated through the control system. The output can reach 100t/h, and only 2-3 workers are needed.

Wall putty manufacturing plant cost

Generally speaking, the degree of automation determines the cost of the wall putty manufacturing plant.
The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price of the wall putty making machine.
However, the wall putty manufacturing plant has excellent flexibility.

  • For example, if your plant height is limited, our engineers will formulate solutions according to your plant height. At this time, the top weighing system will be deleted and set to a more appropriate place.
  • For another example, if your space is limited and the entire production line needs to be very concentrated, but you want to increase the output, this is achievable.
  • Usually, the standard production line comprises a feeding system, unloading system, weighing system, stirring system, conveying system, control system, storage system, packaging system, etc. But some parts can be increased or decreased, or even increased or decreased automation.

I want to say that these factors will affect the cost of wall putty making machines.

Another factor that determines the cost of the wall putty manufacturing plant is the quality of the equipment. Higher-quality machines tend to have a higher price tag but offer excellent reliability, durability, and efficiency. Investing in a high-quality plant ensures that you can achieve consistent and high-quality output, resulting in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Furthermore, automation plays a crucial role in the operation of the wall putty manufacturing plant. Higher levels of automation not only improve the efficiency of production but also reduce labor costs. With automated processes, the plant can carry out tasks such as ingredient mixing, material transportation, and packaging with minimal human intervention. This increases productivity and minimizes the chances of errors and accidents.

However, it's important to note that while automation can streamline operations and increase productivity, it does not eliminate the need for skilled operators. Trained personnel are still required to monitor the production process, perform routine maintenance, and address any technical issues that may arise.

In summary, the wall putty manufacturing plant offers small and medium-sized investors the opportunity for significant returns. Its flexibility, adjustable production capacity, and automation capabilities make it an attractive investment option. By choosing a high-quality and automated plant, investors can maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the market's ever-changing demands.

If you want to know the wall putty manufacturing plant's price, you can leave a message and list your requirements. Our engineers will prepare drawings and plans for you.

Wall putty manufacturing machine factory

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