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Valve Bag Filling Machine

  • Valve bag filling machine is divided into screw valve bag filling machine and impeller valve bag filling machine.
  • It can be used in a wide range, such as dry mortar, putty powder, flour, and other powder materials you can think of, it all can be packed with valve bag filling machine.
  • Valve bag filling machine belongs to the airflow packaging machine, with an air compressor to intermittent air blowing into the packaging machine.

Double Valve Bag Filling Machine

  • Double valve bag filling machines produce twice as much as single-port valve bag filling machines, of course, you can also use two sets of valve bag filling machines.
  • The double valve bag filling machine is composed of an automatic feeding system, weighing system, bag clamping device, oil and water separator, air return system, and electrical control.
  • Built-in gas storage tank, to ensure sufficient gas, always do not affect the packing speed.
  • Uniform discharge control system, uniform discharge, no blockage, high packing accuracy.
valve bag packing machine

What Kind Of Materials Can Be Packed?

Valve type bag packing machine is mainly used to pack powdery materials, also known as dry mortar packing machine, powder bag packing machine, mainly used for packing putty powder, tile adhesive, dry mortars, cement, gypsum powder, and other buildings material. Even some food materials.

Types of Valve Bag Packing Machine

dry mortar packing machine

Dry Mortar Packing Machine

cement bag packing machine

Cement Bag Packing Machine

air valve bag filling machine

Air Valve Bag Filling Machine

valve bag packing machine

Valve Bag Packing Machine

open mouth bag packing machine

Open Mouth Bag Packing Machine

Stainless steel valve bag packer

Stainless Steel Valve Bag Packer


Before starting to use, after a number of debugging to reach the value you set.

Each valve bag filling machine is shipped with picture + text + video instructions.

If you feel that the instructions do not explain how to install well, please contact us.

Our engineers are online 24/7.

The accuracy of packing materials is up to 99.5%, and the weight of each package is almost the same.

Operating system with English interface, of course, you can customize the interface according to your country's language if you need.

The system has the function of pushing the bag and automatically dropping the bag, which only needs workers to cover the bag.

Start the corresponding button to complete the whole process of punching, weighing.

Can be linked to other operating systems, convenient data processing.

In addition to filling mortar, can also fill glass beads, putty powder, sand, cement, and other materials.

The valve bag filling machine is also provided with a breaking arch device to avoid material agglomeration.

Built-in complete air return system, better sealing, less dust overflow.

In addition, if the environment to save high, can be equipped with a set of economic dust collector.

How Does The Valve Bag Filling Machine Work?

An automatic bag packing machine means that the machine is fully automatic after setting it up. For example, if you need a 25kg bag, you need to put a bag on a valve filling machine; it can also be called a 25kg bag packing machine. If you need a 50 kg bag, you need to put a bag on a valve filling machine; it can also be called a 50 kg bag packing machine. If you want to improve efficiency, you can also use mechanized packaging, followed by a bag palletizer.

Valve Bag Machine In Dry Mortar Plant

How To Packing When Valve Bag Packer Shipping?

We are the open & valve bag packing machine supplier. Furein brand bag packing machine factory is located in Zhengzhou, China. All the valve bag packing machines with CE certification.

All bag packers are packed in fumigation-free wooden boxes to protect all dry mortar bag packing machines from damage (as shown below). If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

valve bag filling machine
valve bag filling machine
valve bag filling machine

Valve Bag Packing Machine Can Be Used In The Following Line

Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant

sand dryer for wall putty manufacturing machine

Sand Dryer

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