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Hydralic Cone Crusher

  • Feed size of the cone crusher ≤326mm
  • Production capacity: 72-1100t/h
  • Applicable materials: iron ore, basalt, granite, cobblestone, limestone, quartzite, river pebble, diabase, etc.
  • According to your needs, we can provide tailor-made services to help you quickly start the road to wealth.
  • Applicable materials: cobblestone, limestone, basalt, granite, marble, calcite, river stone, etc.
Type Cone Diameter(mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Port Size(mm) Spindle Speed (r/min) Motor Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
HP300 910 83 9-22 580 75 48-96
HP400 1200 127 9-31 485 110 68-192
HP500 1395 155 25-65 485 220 180-290
HP600 1650 188 16-35 485 250 186-332
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Spring Cone Crusher

  • Adopt spring safety device, overload protection is stable and reliable.
  • Hydraulic cavity clearing makes it simple and fast.
  • The discharge port is adjusted by a hydraulic push cylinder.
  • Can be packed feeding work, liner wear more uniform.
Type Cone Diameter(mm) Cavity Type Max Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Port Size(mm) Spindle Speed (r/min) Motor Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
C75 910 Fine






580 75 49-51


C110 1200 Fine






485 110 63-188


C160 1290 Fine






485 160 109-181


C220 1395 Fine






485 220 180-285


C250 1650 Fine






485 250 181-327


C315 2134 Fine






485 315 281-726


single cone crusher

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

  • Production capacity: 27-1050t/h.
  • Feeding size: according to the model motor power: 90-315kw.
  • The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts advanced crushing technology and is high-performance crushing equipment integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and intelligent control technologies.
  • The hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used in the second and third stages of crushing of ore and rock processing. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low production cost, simple structure, and convenient adjustment and maintenance.

Technical parameters of SC single-cylinder cone crusher:

Type Cavity Type Feeding Port Size(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Min. Discharge Size(mm) Motor Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
C100 C1








90 85-170


C160 C1








160 125-345


C250 C1








250 267-605


C315 C1








315 349-1050


Advantages of Cone Crusher

Generally, there are medium and fine crushing models, medium and fine crushing and there is a variety of standard cavities to choose from. You can choose the right production cavity type according to the different production processes.

With the principle of lamination crushing and high swing frequency of moving cone, the finished shape is improved significantly while the output is increased.

The cone crusher structure is simple, all maintenance work can be completed after removing the frame, inspection and maintenance are more convenient.

Adopt two boom structures, smooth feeding, not easy to block material, high material requirements, durable.

Thin-oil lubrication system adopts the redundant design of double oil pumps and double filters, which can be lubricated before the equipment is started, with strong adaptability and easy control, and prolongs the service life of parts.

The overload protection system with a high-performance alloy steel spring as the core can effectively protect the safety of the cone crusher when the material that cannot be broken enters the crushing chamber of the equipment.

The hydraulic cavity clearing system can increase the clearance between the fixed moving cones by hydraulic lifting in the case of abnormal shutdown such as sudden stuffy car, so as to facilitate cavity clearing and save maintenance time.

Cone Crusher Working Principle

When working, the motor passes through the V-belt, the large pulley, the transmission shaft, and the small bevel gear. The large bevel gear drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate, and the axis of the crushing cone rotates and swings under the force of the eccentric shaft sleeve, so that the surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the wall surface, so that the material is in the annular crushing cavity composed of the fixed cone and the moving cone. The inside is constantly shattered by impacts, squeezing, and bending. After many times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged through the lower port.

5 Points Help You Know Cone Crusher More

  1. The cone crusher machine classification, which one is the best?

Cone crusher is mainly divided into hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, and compound cone crusher.

Hydraulic cone crusher is divided into single hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is more advanced, the maximum output can reach 2100 t/h.

Single Cone Crusher

Single Cone Crusher

Full hydraulic cone crusher is on the basis of the spring cone crusher process is improved, the capacity is larger than the traditional one, more cost-effective.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone stone crusher is mainly used for fine crushing series, which can produce high-quality sand aggregate.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Compared with the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the single one only has a hydraulic cylinder and a nitrogen auxiliary cylinder.

Single hydraulic cone crusher structure is more refined, has a stronger production capacity, easy to maintain.

Single cone crusher overload protection performance is superior, easy to realize automatic control, suitable for strict requirements on product grain shape, high degree of automation of sand production line, divided into medium and fine crushing.

For medium hard, high hard stone, usually use a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

In fine crushing, for medium hard stone, the multi-cylinder cone crusher will be better.

In general, the higher the hardness of the rock, the greater the difference between single-cylinder and multi-cylinder operations.

For ordinary hard stone, the full hydraulic cone crusher is more cost-effective.

2. How about cone crusher price?

How much does it cost to buy a cone crusher machine? 5 factors determine the cone crusher price.

What is your budget?
The degree of automation is also one of the main factors affecting the price, we will adjust your solution when the communication process.
After reasonable analysis and discussion, customize the best solution for you.

Different models, different specifications, will lead to different configurations, the price will be different.

The quality of cone crusher determines its service life.
Many factories attract customers to buy at the lowest price, and there will always be uncontrollable quality problems after purchase, which is annoying.
You also need to consider cone crusher quality, it can make more economic value.

Supply-demand relationship
Only when the supply-demand relationship reaches a balance point, It's important that the price meets your needs.

Other factors
The market, raw materials, freight, and so on will also affect the cone crusher price.
In the purchase of cone crusher, more comparison, understand the market to have a cheap cone crusher.

3. The difference between cone crusher, impact crusher, and impact sand making machine.

The different crushers used, the crushing effect is not the same, some finished shape looks beautiful, some high efficiency, some more energy-saving and so on.

a. Different working principles

b. Different capacity

The hydrocone crusher capacity at 27-2100t/h, power 70-750kW.

The impact crusher capacity at 30-800t/h, power 37-710kW.

The sand making machine capacity at 12-650t/h, power is 37-500KW.

It can be seen that the crushing efficiency of cone crusher is greater than impact crusher, and the impact crusher efficiency is greater than sand making machine.

cone crusher capacity

c. The quality of finished products is different

Different crushing methods, crushing effect is not the same.

If you require a uniform particle size of the finished product, the sand making machine is the king, followed by the impact crusher, and finally is cone crusher.

cone crusher manufactuerer

d. Different uses

Impact sand making crusher processing feed ≤30-55mm, crushing coarse, medium, fine sand, mostly used for sand making, soft and hard stone can be processed.

Impact crusher processing feed ≤300-800mm, you can according to your need to adjust the discharge mouth, mostly used for stone crushing, soft stone crushing efficiency is higher.

Cone rock crusher processing feed ≤35-560mm, you can according to your need to adjust the discharge mouth, mainly used for stone crushing, hard stone high efficiency, low component loss, often used in large stone factories, concentrator crushing.

4. HP300, HP400, HP500 cone crusher for sale

HP cone crusher is the most popular model, how do you choose gravel crusher cone?

The secondary cone crusher is used for high-hardness stone crushing sand production, with low production cost, strong crushing ability, high crushing efficiency, and good product quality.

If you want a small cone crusher, the HP200 cone crusher can meet your needs.

Hp300 cone crusher capacity at 48-96t/h.

Hp400 cone crusher capacity at 68-192t/h.

Hp500 cone crusher capacity at 180-290t/h.

We also have some small cone crushers for sale, welcome to inquiry.

5. Cone Crusher Manufacturer

As a professional cone crusher manufacturer, we have 15 years of manufacturing experience in the manufacture of different crushers and can customize various solutions for you.

"Keep learning" makes us better. If you want to learn more, you also can refer to "cone crusher Wikipedia".

The cone crusher can be matched with a dry mortar plant to produce more dry mortars and create more profit.

There are also some stock and used cone crushers for sale, if you are interested, feel free to contact us now.

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