What is a cement storage silo?

A cement storage silo is a kind of cement storage container made of steel, generally used in the bulk cement storage of concrete mixing plant; it is a closed storage tank for bulk materials, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash, and other kinds of bulk materials, They have different sizes according to your different requirements.

The cement silo is equipped with a level system that can monitor the filling level inside the storage silo in real time and record it automatically. It also has a arch-breaking device that can break through cement pile when too much cement is piled together.

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What is a grain storage silo?

A grain storage silo is a storage container for storing various kinds of grain. Ensure grain keeps good, the grain storage silo must meet the requirements of conveying measurement, de-mixing, de-worming, de-rocking and de-ironing, moisture-proof, water-proof, dew-proof, rat-proof, insect-proof, non-toxic, odor-free, heat preservation, heat insulation, ventilation, etc. Grain silo has two types: single-layer and multi-layer structure.

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Can cement storage silos and grain storage silos be exchanged?

Generally speaking, cement storage silos can be used to store grain, but grain storage silos are not used back to store cement.

Material of Storage Silo

Material of cement storage silo: Generally, it is made of 3-6mm thick stainless steel, and we should pay attention to choosing the one with better strength and toughness, the thickness of the steel plate should be even, and the legs should be of better quality.

The material of the grain storage silo is mainly galvanized corrugated steel plate, plus the ring steel belt and support steel frame.

Classification of storage silo

Cement storage silos can be divided into vertical cement silos and horizontal cement silos.

Grain storage silos can be divided into cone-bottom steel plate silos and flat-bottom steel plate silos.

100T Storage Silo Parameters

Cement storage silo: 100T

  • Volume: 80 CBM
  • Tank Diameter: 3m
  • Tank Height: 9m
  • Total Height: 11.5m

Grain Storage Silo: 100T

  • Tank Diameter:4.85m
  • Tank Height: 11m
  • Total Height: 12.2m
  • Volume: 148 CBM


In conclusion, we can say that cement storge silos are more suitable for storing cement. The cement storage silo is made of high quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and has good durability. In addition, it has a larger capacity than the grain storage silo. As for the latter’s structure, its corners are rounded so as not to affect its integrity when loading or unloading materials from time to time.