Hammer Crusher Machine

hammer crusher machine
  • Production capacity: 3-3000T/H
  • Feeding size: ≤380㎜
  • Discharging size: ≤35mm
  • Using big hammerhead, double power, high crushing intensity.
  • One time to achieve the crushing effect, reduce 40% production cost.
  • It can be equipped with a dust collector and noise deadener, very friendly to the environment.
  • Advantages: Widely applications; particle size adjustable, high quality; long use life.
  • The hammer crusher is the replacement of the old jaw crusher and plate hammer crusher.
  • The heavy hammer crusher machine can break dry and wet stones. But because the hammer crusher machine adopts the principle of impact crushing, its hammer head wear speed is relatively fast, so its application will be limited. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone, coal, and other stones, often used in cement, mining, coal preparation, power generation, chemical, and building materials industry.

Cases of Hammer Crusher Machine

hammer crusher machine

Hammer Crusher in Cobblestone Sand Production Line

hammer crusher machine

Hammer Crusher in Limestone Crushing Plant

Advantages of Primary Jaw Crusher

The primary jaw crusher rate is large, high efficiency, it can be crush stone to medium size by once, easy to process the next process.

The feed is smooth, the discharge is convenient, the discharge port adjustment range is large, and it can be adjusted at will, and there will be no clogging phenomenon.

Adopt deep cavity crushing, no dead zone in the crushing process, uniform crushing particle size, the consumption of electricity in the crushing process is less, adopt advanced motor, environmental protection, energy-saving, and consumption reduction.

Reasonable structure design, simple operation, stable production and processing.

Hammer Crusher Machine Working Video

Capacity: 100-150t/h.
Advantages: high crushing ratio, the uniform particle size.
The hammer crusher machine can crush stone of less than 1800mm to at least 25mm at one time.

Types of Hammer Crusher Machine

hammer crusher machine

Traditional Hammer Crusher Machine

The traditional hammer crusher has a good crushing effect, reduces the process flow, and also helps to save the production cost.

hammer crusher machine

Heavy Hammer Crusher Machine

At present, heavy hammer crusher machine technology is relatively high, the crushing ratio is larger, the production efficiency is higher, the hammer head parts are more durable.

mini hammer crusher

Mini Hammer Crusher Machine

A small hammer crusher machine is super easy to use in the cement production line, it can not only be responsible for the crushing of limestone, but also crush and grind the crushed materials.

portable hammer crusher machine

Portable Hammer Crusher Machine

Mobile hammer crusher machine is on the basis of heavy hammer crusher, the relevant supporting equipment concentrated in a semi-trailer, greatly convenient mobility.