What Is Thermoplastic Paint?

Thermoplastic paint is the kind of material that is used for painting on the road. It is also the material that is used for painting roads. It can be used for various purposes, such as painting roads, bridges, and parking lots. This paint is also used on buildings and other structures, including furniture. Thermoplastic paint typically lasts 15 years and is an excellent choice for a long-lasting surface. The paint should hold out against rain and other kinds of bad weather. It would help if you looked at the customer reviews of thermoplastic paint before deciding whether to buy it.

How do I produce thermoplastic road marking paint with a simple method?

Determine your thermoplastic road marking paint formula

These raw materials are generally required for producing thermoplastic road marking paint: Resin, titanium dioxide, dioctyl alcohol, white sand, calcium powder, and vitrified micro bubbles.

Achieve the right ratio of ingredients for your thermoplastic road marking paint to guarantee maximum durability and performance.

The production process of thermoplastic road marking paint is a physical mixing process. It must be produced strictly according to the formula and the recommended additive quantity.

Because the proportion of coloring pigments and additives in the raw material composition of the paint is small, to ensure the uniformity of the quality of the paint, it must be added in small amounts several times and according to the effect of continuous debugging.

Choose the right thermoplastic road marking paint mixer.

Selecting the right thermoplastic marking paint mixer is of great importance. Since hot melt marking paint is a mixture of dry powder and a small amount of liquid, you must choose a special mixer for melt marking paint, so it has higher resistance in mixing than other types of mixers.

Ribbon Thermoplastic Marking Coating Mixer Machine

Ribbon type thermoplastic road marking paint mixer

Marking Coat Paint Mixer Machine

Full automatic thermoplastic road marking paint mixer