What is insulation mortar?

Insulation mortar is a construction material mixed with insulation and mortar material used for the insulation layer of the building surface. Insulation mortar is a premixed dry mortar made of various light materials such as aggregate, cement as cementitious material, mixed with some additives, and mixed by the insulation mortar mixer. It is a type of ready-mixed mortar. And insulation mortar production line is a professional production line for insulating mortar.

Insulation mortar is a construction material mixed by barrier type insulation material and mortar material and used to construct the surface insulation layer of the building.


Application of thermal insulation mortar

Inorganic thermal insulation mortar material can be both thermal insulation and flame retardant, widely used in intensive residential, public buildings, public places, flammable and explosive places, and strict requirements for fire prevention places. It can also be used as a fireproof isolation zone, widely used.

How to produce thermal insulation mortar?

They are generally adopting a thermal insulation mortar production line. You can also call it: a glass bead production line, insulating mortar production line, insulation mortar manufacturing plant, heat insulation mortar mixing line, insulation mortar making machine, or insulation mortar mix plant.

Insulation mortar production line has the advantages of reliable quality, low noise, long service life, convenient installation w maintenance, etc. There are many kinds of mixing structures, which are multifunctional mixing equipment.

How to choose the right insulation mortar production line?

We are the manufacturer of insulation mortar production line, we insulation mortar factory, generally according to the output to the insulation mortar machine classification.

1. Semi-automatic insulation mortar production line

A semi-automatic insulation mortar production line is also called a simple insulation mortar mixing line, a small insulation mortar manufacturing machine. The output can generally reach 10t/h.

A small insulation mortar production line is an overall structure with relatively simple complete sets, mainly for some just started—companies with limited plant area or individuals with relatively small output requirements.

The leading equipment of the semi-automatic insulation mortar production line includes:

  • A bucket elevator.
  • A unique mixer for insulation mortar.
  • A finished product bin.
  • A control cabinet.
  • Other components.

The general area of the insulation mortar equipment covers a relatively small size, and the height requirements of the plant are also relatively low. The installation and construction cycle is short and simple operation and maintenance.

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2. Automatic insulation mortar manufacturing plant

An automatic insulation mortar manufacturing plant is a standard production line with an automated batching system.

Insulation mortar mixer adopts a unique glass beads mixer, and glass beads can reach zero breakage in the mixing process.

Insulation mortar equipment has the function of self-batching of raw materials, a high degree of automation, and simple production process operation, effectively reducing labor input and low energy consumption.

The raw material bin, measuring equipment, mixer, elevator, and other equipment are not only well sealed, which can ensure that the raw materials are not affected by external environmental factors.


3. Insulation board production line

What is an insulation board production line?

The insulation board production line is the addition of insulation board pressure forming equipment based on the insulation mortar production line.

Advantages of insulation board production line:

  • It adopts the process of double-driven roller extrusion, and the finished product has high production efficiency and output.
  • The panels can be dried and formed in 20 minutes after production.
  • There is no need for high temperature and high-pressure treatment, green and environmental protection, or low energy consumption of the whole insulation board production line.
  • Low requirement for workshop area.
  • The product is finished automatically at one time, and the surface of the finished product is flat, smooth, and high-density.
  • It realizes the industrialized automatic production of new building wall panels.

Advantages of insulation mortar production line:

  1. The thermal insulation mortar mixer has been optimized and improved, the internal structure of the cylinder is more reasonable, and the mixing time more shortened.
  2. Increase the output of the whole set of insulation mortar equipment, with the advantage of zero breakage, and the material produced will not produce a segregation phenomenon. Reduce the load of each part of the machine, and prolong the service life of the insulation mortar mixing machine.
  3. Small footprint, reasonable structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, no dust, proper power allocation.
  4. The batching device comprises a hopper measuring scale, material supply auger, discharging device, micro material adding device, and computer control system. It can automatically calculate different insulation mortar materials according to the formula, reducing labor intensity and environmental pollution.
  5. The whole mixing machine adopts the cylinder low-speed rolling operation, thus avoiding the breakage of glass beads in the production process, good sealing, minor dust, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Line

Inorganic thermal insulation mortar mixer machine

Inorganic insulation mortar mixer is the core of the whole production line, also called glass bead mixer and perlite mixer. Glass beads and perlite are light in texture and easy to break, which are the primary raw materials of inorganic insulation mortar.

Inorganic insulation mortar mixer adopts shaftless mixing, and the perlite and glass beads will not break when mixing to increase the thermal insulation performance of mortar. In addition, the built-in guide plate in the shaftless insulation mortar mixer makes the material mix evenly and does not let the material clump.

Structural & features of thermal insulation mortar mixer

The vitrified bead mixer comprises a frame, a transmission device, a cylinder, a ventilation device, a positioning device, and a discharge device. The cylinder is composed of two cones at both ends and a cylinder in the middle. The main shaft is a hollow structure and reduces material damage. It has the characteristics of high mixing uniformity, short mixing time, low material damage rate, high output, good sealing, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

Working principle of inorganic insulation mortar mixer:

When mixing, the material rotates with the cylinder in the counterclockwise direction and pushes to the left under the action of inertia to achieve the purpose of mixing; when discharging, the material rotates with the cylinder clockwise and pushes to the outlet under the act of guiding plate. When rotating clockwise, the material outflow quickly. The roller glass bead mixer adopts a shutter-type discharge port, and there is no unloading when mixing.

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