Mining Conveyor

Mining conveyor mainly refers to the belt conveyor used in mining, processing, transport, crushing, and sand making.

The mining conveyor has a large transport capacity and long transport distance.

Although the mining conveyor is not the core mechanical equipment of mining, it is also indispensable auxiliary equipment of the mining production line, which plays a decisive role in improving production efficiency.

Common belt model numbers are B500, B650, B800, B1000, B1200, B1400mm.

mining conveyor

Application of Mining Conveyor

Mining conveyor is widely used in coal, iron ore, copper, manganese ore, gold, silver, sand production line and other industries; It can transport coal, quartz, limonite, kaolin, granite, bauxite, sand aggregate, pebbles, sand, and other massive materials;

Model of Mining Conveyor

There are many types of mine conveyors, mainly plate conveyors and screw conveyors.

In particular, the mining conveyor is easy to save energy and protect the environment.

General mining conveyor is mainly used in horizontal or inclination Angle is less than 18 degrees of transport, their tape width is limited, The dimensions of the width usually have 1600mm, 1400mm, 1200mm, 1000mm, 800m, transportation distance will not exceed 100m.

Single mining belt conveyor distance is about 4-100 meters, if the distance is too long, it will be used lap type.

The throughput of the mining belt conveyor is generally 100-1500kg.

The conveying Angle can be adjusted at any time according to the situation on-site.

mining belt conveyor

Although there are many kinds of mining belt conveyor, you can choose according to the need, if you are not sure what kind of mining belt conveyor to use, please contact us, whether you buy mining belt conveyor from us, we are happy to help you because it is a piece of cake for us.