Mobile Stone Crushers

Mobile stone crusher can directly drive to the job site, does not need to transport materials, especially suitable for some broken small venues, such as urban construction waste processing, it not only save the complex steel structure and the foundation, more save a lot of time, can make your cost quickly back.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

mobile impact crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

mobile stone crusher

Mobile Cone Crusher

mobile cone crusher

Mobile Stone Crusher

Mobile Jaw Crusher

mobile jaw crusher

Capacity: 85-650T

Feed size: 500-800mm

Discharging particle size: 50-225mm

Materials: it can crush all kinds of ore materials, construction waste, stone crushing and processing, etc.

Application: mining industry, tailings treatment, open-pit coal mining, construction waste treatment, earthwork, national infrastructure, and so on.

Mobile Cone Crusher

mobile cone crusher

Factory-direct sales, one-stop output factory, free to provide you with design.

Capacity: 100-450t/h.

Maximum feeding size: 1-750mm.

Materials: construction waste, pebbles, limestone, iron ore, copper ore, granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz stone, manganese ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, etc.

Mobile Impact Crusher

mobile impact crusher

Feed size: 300-700mm.

Capacity: 30-550t/h.

Application: it is used for the processing of medium and fine chips stones.

Advantages: Mobile operation mode, breaking site restrictions, overcoming environmental pressure, free shift, more efficient work.

Crawler Type Mobile Stone Crusher

Crawler Type mobile stone crusher

Capacity: 40-650t/h.

Feeding size: 10-1200mm.

Materials: construction waste and stone crushing processing.

Configuration: customized configuration according to your needs.

Types of Mobile Stone Crusher

  • According to the different chassis, the mobile stone crusher can be divided into tire type and caterpillar type mobile stone crushers.
  • Among them, the tire mobile stone crusher is mainly used for the crushing of small and medium-sized ores and some urban infrastructure, roads, or construction sites.
  • Crawler mobile stone crushers are generally used in large crushing production lines with the more severe environments and even need to climb.
  • According to the different crushing fineness of finished product, the mobile stone crusher and can be divided into coarse, medium and fine stone crushers, including mobile jaw stone crusher, mobile cone stone crusher, mobile impact stone crusher, etc., you can choose it according to your local raw materials, the demand of production and finished product material requirements, etc.

Features of Mobile Stone Crusher

Vehicle integrated machine, covers small area, hanging up the front can be moved at will, convenient operation, higher efficiency.

Set "crushing, screening, conveying, feeding" and other multiple equipment in one can complete the crushing of multiple types of sand and stone materials.

In addition to the existing type of crusher, this mobile stone crusher can also provide more flexible work configuration according to the material.

Environmental protection mobile stone crusher operating space is closed, reduce dust spillover, in addition, equipped with multi-effect new dust collector, can more effectively control the field dust, almost achieve "zero dust" operation.

Working Site of Mobile Stone Crusher

  • Mobile stone crusher is mainly used for the processing of stone materials in the construction industry, sand and stone factory, infrastructure projects, road construction projects, etc., which can reduce production costs and create higher economic benefits.
  • The mobile stone crusher adopts the modular assembly form, which can be used for a variety of industries to complete crushing and screening, and produce the material size and output required by users.