We produce four kinds of grinding mills: Raymond mill, high-pressure grinding mill, high-strength grinding mill, and ultra-fine grinding mill. You can choose the most suitable mill according to your material, fineness, and output requirements.

Raymond mill

Raymond Mill

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High Pressure Grinding Mill

ultra-fine grinding mill

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

Composition of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a kind of grinding mill machine, its design is reasonable, mainly by the host, analysis machine, blower, cyclone separator, pipeline, motor, and so on.
Raymond mill can be matched with jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control cabinet, etc., combined into a complete grinding production line, can be used for limestone, calcite, barite, bentonite, and other materials, the finished product can reach 80-325 mesh.

Grinding Mill Production Line

Raymond Mill Price

What about the price of a Raymond mill?

The price difference of Raymond mill suppliers in China is quite big. Different models, market demand, manufacturer’s quality, and quality all affect the price of Raymond mill.

Generally speaking, the price of Raymond mill is lower where manufacturers are concentrated, not only because of their fierce competition but also because of their mature technology, whether pre-sale or after-sale, they will have professional solutions, which can save you time and money in production.

From the model point of view, 4R Raymond machine host price is relatively cheap, 5R Raymond machine price will be relatively high, 6R Raymond machine host productivity is higher, the cost is higher.

Features of Raymond Mill

  1. Raymond mill is a three-dimensional structure, covers an area of small, systematic strong, from the rough processing of raw materials to transport to powder and packaging, can become an independent production system.
  2. The transmission device adopts an airtight gearbox and pulley, which ensures smooth transmission and reliable operation.
  3. The host blade holder is always in contact with the material during operation, so the blade holder is composed of two parts, the lower seat after wear can be replaced.
  4. Electromagnetic vibration feeder feeding uniform, easy to adjust, small size, lightweight, energy-saving, convenient maintenance;
  5. Electric system adopts centralized control, Raymond mill can basically realize unmanned operation and convenient maintenance;
  6. Low dust pollution, low noise.

Factors Affecting Grinding Speed of Raymond Mill

Speed determines success or failure. In the working process of Raymond mill, the higher the production speed is, the more profits can be brought to the enterprise under the condition that the products of the same quality are produced.

Then how to improve the speed of Raymond mill?

  1. The hardness of the material: in the same particle size after grinding, the hardness of the material is too large, the grinding time is longer.
  2. The size of the raw material: the smaller the material particles, the more uniform, the time required will be longer.
  3. The water content of the material: if the water content of the material is too large, during the grinding process of the Raymond mill, the material will stick together with the grinding roller and the grinding ring, making the grinding speed decline, the humidity of the material, and will lead to blockage during the analysis machine. The grinding speed is reduced.
  4. The viscosity of the material: the more sticky the material, the slower the grinding speed.
  5. The wind speed of the blower: the material grinded by the Raymond mill will be taken away by the blower. If the wind speed is too slow, the material will be collected for a longer time, and the output will be reduced.
  6. The fineness of the material: the size of the material grinded out by the Raymond mill can be regulated by itself.