What kind of cement dust collector bags should be used?

When we see this word, bag type dust collector for cement silo, we should all think of the dust produced by cement. When a cement silo is conveying material, there will be pressure to push the dust generated into the top of the silo. Then a bag dust collector draws all the dust generated into the bag and releases clean air. Dust collector bags need to be replaced regularly.

Dust collector bag is the decision of dust removal efficiency, and the cost of replacing filter bag is the main maintenance cost of bag dust collector, so the working life of filter bag is related to the operating status and cost of dust collector, it is especially important to choose the right filter media and design reasonable structure.

Types of cement dust collector bags

The dust collector filter bags

The dust collector filter bag is the core key accessory of the cloth bag dust collector. Hanging in the dust collector is responsible for filtering and stripping dust.

cement dust collector bags

Polyester dust collector bag

Cement dust collector bags are made of polyester, high-quality fine denier macerated fiber, which has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust removal efficiency, and durability. Weight 350g/m2-800/m2, thickness 1mm-4mm polyester needle-punched dust bag can be burnt, calendered, or coated according to the different requirements of working conditions.

cement dust collector bags

Needled felted dust collector bags

Needle felted bags can work continuously at 204℃, the instant temperature can reach 250℃, and can withstand repeated 250℃ instant fluctuation temperature; needle felted dust bag is widely used in asphalt, cement, steel, non-ferrous metal, lime, dust, gold treatment, drying, crushing, gypsum, plastic, carbon black, diagnostic carbon, shipbuilding, tobacco, and other industries.

Dust collector filter bags

Dust collector filter bags are a kind of dust removal filter media with good ventilation performance, high dust removal efficiency, and _ of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and heat resistance; the weaving process adopts a multilateral drawing pile, improves the thickness of the fabric, elastic, dust removal effect is very good, the dust removal rate of dust collector filter bag can reach 99.99%.

cloth dust collector bags

Cloth dust collector bags

Cloth dust collector bags have the process of producing ordinary needle felt in addition to the addition of conductive fiber yarn. Dust collector bags are used in industries with a possibility of explosion in case of electrostatic discharge, such as flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. It is the ideal choice for explosion-proof dust collection at present.

Dust collector bags for asphalt mixing plant

Dust collector bags for asphalt mixing plant

Dust collector bags for asphalt mixing plants can repair the abrasion and holes produced in the use process.


There are many types of cement dust collector bags; different dust collector bags can adapt to different materials, and you can choose the suitable dust collector bags according to your materials, dust particle size, etc. I hope this article can help you; if you do not find the answer you want from this article, welcome to leave a message.