We are pleased to inform you that a set of cement silo is about to be sent to the United States. This time, a total of 3 40-foot containers are used to arrive at the United States port by sea.

These cement silos are made of high-quality steel and have been treated with a special paint that prevents corrosion. The cement silo is painted with light blue color, which can make it look more beautiful.

This is a bolted cement silo. It can store more than one type of cement powder, and it can reduce transportation costs because it does not need too much space like other types of cement storage facilities.


If you are an importer, your cement silo will arrive in the United States after being shipped by sea from China. Before shipping, you should prepare for customs clearance, export documents, and so on. After signing a contract with a logistics company in America, we will arrange customs clearance with the US Customs according to your request and then deliver cargo to the consignee according to their requirements.

Next, you'll need to order the goods from the cement silo supplier and ask for the export documents. Make sure they are in English.

Then ask your cement silo supplier to deliver the silo to the shipping company's port warehouse.

The BL is a document that describes the cargo and its destination. The shipper and receiver will sign this contract after receiving the goods, which means that they accept the goods as described in this document.

You can track your shipment on the Internet until it arrives safely.