Here we show you our shipping site, these machines will be sent to different countries by sea or other transport, here is just a small part, if you would like to know if our machines have a work site in your country, please contact us.

Successful Installation of Four 1500-Ton Lime Silos in Australia

By |2023-07-20T17:08:57+08:00July 20th, 2023|Cement Silo, Shipping To World|

This post highlights the successful installation of four 1500-ton lime silos in Australia, carried out by FUREIN Machinery professional lime silo manufacturing company. The project involved careful planning, coordination, and skilled execution to ensure the seamless integration of the silos into the designated site. Lime Silo Project Background: Our lime silo manufacturing company was

200 Ton Cement Silos Successfully Shipped To Australia

By |2023-07-04T10:22:25+08:00July 3rd, 2023|Cement Silo, Shipping To World|

Australian Construction Boost with Arrival of 4 Sets of 200 ton Cement Silos Recently, FUREIN MACHINERY, a professional cement silo manufacturer, delivered four sets of 200 ton cement silos to Australia. In a significant development for Australia's construction industry, this delivery promises to address the growing demand for cement and contribute to the sector's

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine Exported to Zimbabwe

By |2023-06-06T09:41:33+08:00June 6th, 2023|Dry Mix Mortar Plants, Shipping To World, Wall Putty Manufacturing Plants|

One such plant was recently exported to Zimbabwe, providing an excellent opportunity for local businesses to produce their wall putty. The machine in question was a 2-square wall putty manufacturing machine capable of quickly building a large quantity of wall putty powder. The wall putty manufacturing machine is designed to mix dry materials

Tile Bond Manufacturing Plant Will Be Sent To Malaysia Soon

By |2023-06-07T02:51:14+08:00March 9th, 2023|Dry Mix Mortar Plants, Shipping To World, Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plants|

Tile Bond manufacturing plant, also called tile adhesive making machine, tile bond making machine, it is a machine specializing in the production of various mortars, such as putty powder, adhesive mortar, repair mortar, self-leveling mortar, masonry mortar, etc. The tile adhesive manufacturing machine in the video is small, with an annual output of about

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant Send To UAE

By |2023-06-07T03:19:19+08:00July 12th, 2022|Shipping To World, Thermoplastic Paint Plants|

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant Are Ready Our company Henan Furein Machinery Co., Ltd, has been manufacturing thermoplastic road marking paint plant for a long time. We have recently exported many thermoplastic roads marking paint plants to UAE and other countries. Now we have received an order from our customers to deliver a Thermoplastic

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