Cement Storage Silo

There are 4 types of cement storage silos: bulk type, bolted type, portable type, horizontal cement storage silo.

bulk cement storage silo

Bulk Cement Storage Silo

Type: 100T

bolted cement storage silo

Bolted Cement Storage Silo

Type: 80T


Horizontal Cement Storage Silo

Type: 70T


Portable Cement Storage Silo

Type: 35 m³

Cement Storage Silo Application

The cement storage silo is a closed storage bulk material tank, suitable for storing grain, cement, powder, and other powdery materials.

Cement Storage Silo Cases

cement storage silo

Cement storage silo in concrete batching plant

cement silo manufacturer

Silo Cement Plant

cement storage silo

Cement storage silo in dry mix mortar plant

How to choose a suitable cement storage silo?

Cement storage silo commonly used models are 30T, 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T, and 150T, and 200T, 300T, and so on.

You can choose the appropriate cement storage silo according to yourself.

For example how many materials do you have? What is your material?

The bulk density of cement in the loose state is generally 0.90 ~ 1.30 kg/l; The bulk density of cement under tight conditions is generally between 1.35 and 1.70 kg/l.

If you can't calculate the size of the cement storage silo, you also can tell us what kind of material you use? How many materials do you have?

We will recommend the best cement storage silo for you according to your material.

bolted cement silo

The leg height of cement storage silo is customizable

The unloading height of the cement storage silo refers to the vertical distance between the discharge port and the foundation plane.

Unloading height calculation should be based on the dry mortar mixer position, height, and screw conveyor length to determine.

Generally, the length of the screw conveyor is 6m, 9m, and 12m, and the angle is generally better at 30~60 degrees. The unloading height of the cement storage silo can be obtained through simple mathematical calculation.


Component of cement storage silo

The cement storage silo is generally a cylindrical support structure. The upper part of the dust removal equipment is equipped with a dust collector on the top of the bin to prevent dust leakage. Let you master the usage of materials in the silo.

The bottom of the cement storage silo is equipped with arch breaking device and a manual butterfly valve (as shown in the right picture).

At the same time, the cement storage silo is also equipped with material sensors and control devices.

cement storage silo

Feature of Cement Storage Silo

  • Good corrosion resistance, strictly screened steel, strong corrosion-resistance, good impact resistance.
  • Long service life, low maintenance cost, stable and durable anti-aging performance.
  • The tank body is welded on both sides. Automatic assembly line production, to provide customized services.
  • Built-in anti-segregation technology, to ensure the quality of mortar.

Daily Maintenance of Cement Storage Silo

  • Check whether the line is smooth before use.
  • Check whether the cloth bag inside the dust collector needs to be replaced.
  • Check whether the induced draft fan runs normally, and maintain the main fan daily (some silo top dust collector does not install fans).
  • The air outlet is not smooth, should check whether the dust filter network is blocked, if blocked, should be cleaned up in time.
  • Before cleaning the filter element, 2-3 wires should be tied together to prevent the deformation of the filter element during cleaning.
  • When cleaning, the filter element should be dried before installation and use.
  • The filter element after repeated cleaning, to achieve the purpose of dust removal, should be replaced in time.

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