Chain Bucket Elevator

Chain bucket elevator can lift a variety of materials, its uses of the chain drive, long service life, large output, is your ideal choice.

Usually, the chain bucket elevator can be divided into TH round link bucket elevator & NE chain type bucket elevator.

We support customized bucket elevators, you only need to tell me your output requirements and what materials your want to lift.


Chain Type Bucket Elevator Applications

The chain type bucket elevators are widely used in cement, mineral powder, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, food processing, and other enterprises.


Parameter of Chain Bucket Elevator

Model Capacity(m³/h) Max aggregate diameter(mm) Spindle speed(r/s) Material bulk density(t/m³) Max hoisting height(m) Power(kw)
NE15 10-15 40 15.54 0.6-2.0 35 1.5-4
NE30 18.5-31 55 16.45 0.6-2.0 50 1.5-11
NE50 35-60 60 16.45 0.6-2.0 45 1.5-18.5
NE100 75-110 70 14.13 0.6-2.0 45 5.5-30
NE150 112-165 90 14.13 0.6-2.0 45 5.5-45
NE200 170-220 100 10.9 0.6-1.8 40 7.5-55
NE300 230-340 125 10.9 0.6-1.8 40 11-75
NE400 340-450 130 8.3 0.6-1.8 30 18.5-90
NE500 450-550 140 7.1 0.6-1.8 30 30-110
NE600 550-660 150 7.1 0.6-1.8 30 37-132
NE800 680-830 165 6.2 0.6-1.8 30 160

Please note: these parameters are for reference only, if you want more, please contact us.

Chain Bucket Elevator Parts

The chain elevator buckets are fixed on the chain, there are mainly the following three buckets:

Deep bucket: suitable for loose materials;

Shallow bucket: viscous material;

Triangular bucket: suitable for heavy materials.

The housing is equipped with a transmission device and a stop.

The fuselage is made of steel plate welding, a square shell, equipped with a deviation alarm.

The lower part of the bucket is fitted with a tensioning device.

How To Packing When Delivery?

Our chain bucket elevator is generally used bare packing + wooden case packing.

Large chain bucket elevator parts shall be packed bare, while small or important bucket elevator parts, such as motor and reducer, shall be packed in wooden cases without fumigation.

Pre-sales service: to provide you with the design of chain type bucket elevator, process design, etc., for you to develop the right solution.

In-sale service: Accompany you to complete the acceptance of chain bucket elevator, so that you always understand the production process of equipment.

After-sales service: guide the installation and debugging of chain type bucket elevator and teach you how to use it correctly.


Chain Bucket Elevator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chain Elevator Design


Chain elevator design is constantly improved by our years of experience, and every part of the chain elevator design is essential.

The upper elevator part comprises a pickup cover or fastening cover and an air outlet.

The middle bucket elevator part includes a perforated flower plate, inspection door, filter bag, and so on.

The lower bucket elevator part of the housing includes a pressure measuring connector.

The Blower system includes a pulse injection controller, electromagnetic pulse valve, injection tube, airbag, and so on.

Bucket Elevator Working Principle

Bucket elevator working principle:

The hopper scoops up the material from the storage below, and with the chain lift to the top, around the jacking wheel then flipped down, the bucket elevator pours the material into the trough.

TH Chain Type Bucket Elevator

TH Chain Type Bucket Elevator

TH series chain bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting equipment, it uses a forged ring chain as the transmission part, has strong mechanical strength.

The TH chain bucket elevator is mainly used to promote powder and small particles and small block materials.

Compared with TD series belt bucket elevator, the chain bucket elevator is more efficient.

NE Chain Bucket Elevator

NE Chain Bucket Elevator

NE chain bucket elevator is a new type of bucket elevator, using plate chain drive.

Named at its capacity, such as NE150 refers to lifting volume of 150 tons per hour rather than bucket width of 150mm.

NE chain bucket elevator has high efficiency, a wide range of applications.

NE chain bucket elevator is mostly used in dry mix mortar plant production.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Bucket Elevator

Chain type bucket elevator advantages:

Simple structure, small transverse size, small footprint.

The lifting height is large, the conveying capacity is good, the fuselage is fully closed, and the environmental pollution is small.

Small power consumption.

Chain bucket elevator disadvantages:

Overload is easy to plug, easy to wear hopper.

Only suitable for conveying granular powder and small and medium-sized bulk goods, such as grain, coal, dry powder sand, etc.

The material cannot be transported in a horizontal direction.

Precautions for the use of bucket elevator

  • The operation must comply with the "no-load start, no-load stop" principle. That is, the first boot, to operate normally, and then feed;
  • The material feed should be uniform, so as not to cause blockage. If blocked, stop feeding immediately to remove the blockage.
  • When working normally, the hopper should be in the middle of the barrel. If it is found that there is a deviation or the chain looseness, it should be adjusted in time through the tensioning device.
  • Prevent large foreign bodies from entering the machine base, so as not to damage the hopper and affect the normal operation of the bucket lifting machine.
  • When conveying materials without initial cleaning, iron grids should be set up at the feeding port to prevent fibrous impurities from entering the machine base and causing winding and blockage.
  • The tension degree of the hoist chain should be checked regularly and whether the connection is firm. If it is found to be loose, falling off, skewed hopper, and damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid more serious consequences.

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