Construction waste crusher


Application: construction site, sand factory, housing construction, and other construction waste crushing.

At present, more than 80% of construction waste is waste concrete, bricks, mortar, and other construction materials, which can be sorted, screened, or crushed to generate renewable resources for reuse.

Mobile construction waste crusher advantages:

Different from ordinary construction waste crushers, mobile construction waste crusher is a collection of all equipment in one, more systematic, according to the different working environment, choose tire or caterpillar drive mode.

The high degree of automation, flexible operation.

Set all links in one, wheel locomotive traction can be on the road, caterpillar remote control can walk, intelligent and flexible, and optional diesel generator, whether in the suburbs or mountain road, stability is very good.

Customizable solutions.

Your requirements are different, the configuration of the mobile construction waste crusher will be different, we will according to your needs, the design of appropriate supporting equipment.

Small footprint, reduces the transportation cost of waste materials.

Fuselage integrated design, covers a very small area, there is no need to build a foundation, after arriving at the destination can start to work, can be extended according to the site environment, reduce the cost of material transportation, more convenient to use more convenient.

mobile construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher case:

Capacity: 85-650t/h.

Discharge size: 50—225mm.

Applicable materials: crushing and screening treatment of construction waste such as concrete blocks, brick and tile fragments, muck, crushed stones, etc.

Free transition, flexible configuration, intelligent control system, high quality, we are experts in mobile construction waste crusher manufacturing.

What is the use of waste after the construction waste crusher?

After crushing construction waste, most of them can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel bars, scrap iron wires, scrap wires, and various scrap steel accessories.

After sorting and reprocessing, various specifications of steel can be reprocessed.

After being crushed, waste materials such as bricks, stone, and concrete can replace sand and be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete mixing, etc., and can also be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving bricks, etc.

Construction waste crusher price

How much does it cost to buy a construction waste crusher?

At present, the output of the construction waste crusher we produce is between 40-400 tons per hour, and the price varies greatly.

The construction waste crusher price needs to be determined according to your capacity requirements, finished product size requirements, and crusher materials.

You can tell us your needs, our engineer team will design a solution for you, or provide you with a set of design drawings for free, and provide you with the related cases and parameters for your reference.

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