We hope your day is going well. We're excited to tell you about our dry mortar mixing machine, which we have shipped to Malaysia. We do not have any middlemen in between, so our price is very competitive. A dry mortar mixing machine is transported in a 20ft container.

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Configuration of dry mortar mixing machine:

The dry mortar mixing machine comprises a mixer, hopper, screw conveyor, packing machine, and other parts. Also, it has the features of compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and easy operation.

dry mortar mixing machine

How dry mortar mixing machines are transported from China to Malaysia?

Our company has a professional freight forwarder who has cooperated with the freight forwarder for 10+ years; safe and reliable, low price, and will arrange cargo shipping according to your requirements. We can arrange for a container according to your needs and ship it from China to Malaysia within 15 days by sea shipping at most.


I am a dry mortar mixing machine manufacturer. Thank you for choosing us as your supplier, and we hope you will continue doing business with us in the future!