Fine Jaw Crusher

fine jaw crusher
  1. Deep cavity crushing cavity and increases the width of the jaw plate, which increases the number of blows and squeezes of the material, improve the crushing efficiency, and reduces friction.
  2. Direct drive by electric motor makes the machine run more smoothly.
  3. The fine jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and uniform product size.
  4. The lubrication system is reliable, the parts are easy to replace, and the maintenance workload is small.
  5. The fine jaw crusher has a simple structure, reliable work, and low operating cost.
  6. Fin jaw crusher energy saving15%-30% than others.
  7. The fine jaw crusher has a wide adjustment range for the discharge opening, which can meet the requirements of different users.
  8. It has low noise and less dust.

Application of Fine Jaw Crusher

Max feeding size: 1500mm.

Capacity: 1-1000t/h.

Application: metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, building materials, cement, road construction, airport construction, and other fields.

Handling material: limestone, calcite, granite, basalt, pebbles, slag, slag stone, marble, gypsum, and other ore materials.

River Pebble

Advantages of Fine Jaw Crusher

FUREIN fine jaw crusher manufacturer does not copy foreign technology. The R&D department and engineers have improved the fine jaw crusher through market research and field investigation, fully summarizing customer consultation and combining it with the on-site use of jaw crusher. Make it more practical and durable.

The flywheel, groove wheel, and counterweight block of the fine jaw crusher have passed strict technical parameter review, which reduces the vibration level of the whole jaw crusher and improves its smoothness.

Fine jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, small occupation area, wide application range, and very strong adaptability to pebbles.

The fine jaw crusher motor can be started and stopped with load only by overcoming the imbalance of the eccentric block, and it can also work when the crushing chamber is fully filled or overloaded.

Parameter of Fine Jaw Crusher

Model Feed Port Size(mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Output Adjustment Rang(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t) Oversize(mm)
PEX150*250 150*250 125 10-40 1-3 5.5 1.5 890*740*930
PEX150*750 150*750 125 18-48 5-16 15 3.8 1200*1500*1200
PEX250*750 250*750 210 25-60 15-30 22-30 5 1660*1540*1020
PEX250*1000 250*1000 210 25-60 15-50 30-37 7 1550*1960*1380
PEX250*1200 250*1200 210 25-60 20-60 37-45 8.5 2190*1900*1950

Note: the output will vary according to different materials, feed size, and other factors.

Video of Fine Jaw Crusher

It adopts the driving and extrusion method.

The motor of the fine jaw crusher drives the V-belt and the pulley to make the eccentric shaft rotate.

The movable jaw head makes a regular fixed track under the push of the eccentric shaft.

The squeezing movement realizes the crushing of the materials, and the crushed materials are discharged through the discharge port.

Fine Jaw Crusher Price

The model of the fine jaw crusher is different, the price is different, the price of the large model will be higher than the small one, if you want a detailed quotation, please choose a reliable jaw crusher supplier, or you can leave us a message, we Will provide a set of solutions according to your needs.

fine jaw crusher
fine jaw crusher
fine jaw crusher
fine jaw crusher

Secondary Jaw Crusher

In your impression, are the jaw crushers all first-stage crushing?

In fact, it can also be used as secondary crushing, which is what we usually call fine jaw crusher.

The discharge fineness can reach 18mm.

In addition, its price is cheaper than the medium and fine crushing equipment such as cone crusher and impact crusher.

In actual production, the fine jaw crusher can be combined with ordinary jaw crushers, sand making machines, sand washing machines, etc. to form a complete production line, and feeders, vibrating screens, belt conveyors, etc.

secondary jaw crusher

How to choose a secondary jaw crusher?

The fine jaw crusher adopts a high wear-resistant steel plate welded frame, which is firmer and more reliable.

The special flywheel design can effectively reduce vibration and make the operation more stable.

The deep cavity crushing design improves the feeding capacity and output.

Secondary jaw crusher, soft and hard materials can be crushed, when you choose secondary crushing, the main consideration is its production capacity, the production capacity of secondary jaw crusher is 8-105t/h, you can choose it according to your own situation.

Jaw crusher production line

Case of fine jaw production line capacity at 100t/h

Discharge size: 20-30mm

Configuration: ZSW380×95 feeder, PEX250×1200 jaw crusher (2 units), 2YK2160 vibrating screen, XS2914 sand washing machine.

Review: This is a very cost-effective stone crushing production line. The fine jaw crusher is used as the secondary jaw crusher, which is much cheaper than other secondary crushing (such as impact crusher, cone crusher).

The cost can be back in 5 months. This production line has been used for about two years, and it is still running very stable, and there are basically no faults.