What is a fly ash dryer?


A fly ash dryer is a rotary dryer specially designed to dry fly ash, a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electric power generating plants. Fly ash contains extensive amounts of silicon dioxide (SiO2), aluminum oxide (Al2O3), and other minerals, which make it a potential raw material for various industries, such as cement, ceramic, and concrete. However, due to its high moisture content, it needs to be dried before being utilized. The fly ash dryer can use various drying media, such as gas, coal, biomass, etc. FUREIN Machinery supports the customization of multiple types of fly ash dryers and provides customized fly ash drying plant solutions.

Components of fly ash dryer


The fly ash dryer comprises a rotary body, an energy system, a driving device, a supporting device, etc.

The fly ash dryer is a rotary dryer specifically designed to dry fly ash, a byproduct of coal combustion. It typically consists of a rotating drum or cylinder mounted on a set of rollers or bearings. The drum is usually lined with a heat-resistant material to prevent damage from the high temperatures generated during drying.

Inside the drum, there are multiple drying chambers. Inner blades are attached to the interior of the drum and are typically arranged in a spiral or helical pattern to ensure even drying.

The dryer is powered by a driving device, such as an electric motor or a gas engine, connected to the drum via a gearbox or chain drive. The supporting device, usually made up of rollers or bearings, helps keep the drum stable and prevents it from wobbling or vibrating during operation.

Drying process flow chart of fly ash drying equipment

fly ash dryer

The rotary fly ash drying equipment uses a rotating cylinder to continuously carry the fly ash material and heat it through the inner wall of the cylinder. The hot air generated by the combustion device enters the dryer through the burner, and the materials are heated by convection and conduction. At the same time, under the inclined lifting plate and annular flange inside the cylinder, the fly ash is constantly lifted and sprinkled, increasing the contact area between the fly ash and hot air and improving the drying efficiency.

The wet fly ash material is continuously fed into the feeding device and is evenly distributed into the cylinder by the feeder. The cylinder is equipped with lifting boards that raise and drop the materials, making the material fully exchange heat with the hot air. The water vapor is removed through the discharge port, and the discharge screw conveyor discharges the dry fly ash. This process is carried out continuously until the fly ash is dried to the required moisture content.

The model and technical parameters of the fly ash dryer

Type Rotation Speed Power Capacity
600*6000 3-8 r/min 3 kw 05.-1.5 t/h
800*8000 3-8 r/min 4 kw 0.8-2 t/h
800*10000 3-8 r/min 4 kw 0.8-2.5 t/h
1000*10000 3-8 r/min 5.5 kw 1.0-3.5 t/h
1200*12000 3-8 r/min 11 kw 2-6 t/h
1500*12000 2-6 r/min 18.5 kw 3.5-9 t/h
1800*18000 2-6 r/min 22 kw 5-12 t/h
2000*18000 1.5-6 r/min 30 kw 6-15 t/h
2200*18000 1.5-6 r/min 37 kw 10-18 t/h
2400*20000 1.5-5 r/min 45 kw 18-30 t/h
2800*20000 1.5-5 r/min 55 kw 25-35 t/h
3000*20000 1.5-5 r/min 55 kw 32-40 t/h
3000*25000 1.5-5 r/min 75 kw 40-55 t/h

The above parameters are for reference only; please get in touch with us for accurate technical parameters. FUREIN Machinery supports customizing various types of dryers; you can contact us for a quotation.

Fly ash dryer plant

Advantages of fly ash dryer

The advantages of fly ash dryer are:

1. High efficiency: Fly ash dryer uses an innovative high-efficiency drying process, which improves heat energy utilization by about 30% compared to traditional dryers.

2. Low energy consumption: Advanced drying technology, combined with the circulation heating system, dramatically reduces coal consumption and operating costs.

3. High drying intensity: The drying chamber is designed with a unique structure to ensure the fly ash is in complete contact with the hot air, providing high drying intensity and shortening the drying time.

4. Environmental protection: The fly ash dryer uses a dust removal system to collect and treat fly ash and eliminate pollution effectively.

5. Wide range of application: Fly ash dryers can handle different types of fly ash, making it widely used in various industries such as cement, chemical, power plant, and building materials.

6. High degree of automation: The fly ash dryer is equipped with a PLC control system, which can be easily controlled and adjusted, reducing the operation difficulty and workload.

How to choose from fly ash dryer manufacturers?

When choosing a fly ash dryer manufacturer, it is essential to consider the following factors:

1. Experience and Reputation: Look for a manufacturer with years of experience manufacturing fly ash dryers and a good reputation in the industry.

2. Quality of Products: Check the quality of the fly ash dryers produced by the manufacturer. Look for manufacturers who use high-quality materials in the construction of their dryers.

3. Customization Options: Choose a manufacturer offering customization options. They should be able to customize the fly ash dryer’s size, configuration, and features to meet your requirements.

4. After-Sales Service: Consider the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Look for a manufacturer who offers technical support, maintenance services, and replacement parts.

5. Price and Payment Terms: Compare the prices offered by different manufacturers and choose the one that provides the best value for your money. Also, consider the payment terms offered by the manufacturer.

6. Customer Reviews: Check the customer reviews and feedback of the manufacturer before making a decision. Look for manufacturers who have high ratings and positive reviews from their customers.

Considering these factors, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy fly ash dryer manufacturer.

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