What is a plastering gypsum mortar production line?

A plastering gypsum mortar production line is used for manufacturing plastering gypsum mortar, mainly used for plastering walls, ceilings, and other structures. This production line includes a plaster mixing machine, a weighing system, a storage system (cement silos), conveying system, a packing system, etc. We also called it a plastering gypsum mortar manufacturing machine, plastering gypsum mortar plant, and gypsum mortar making machine.


Plastering Gypsum Production Line

The raw materials used to produce plastering gypsum mortar include gypsum, water, sand, and various additives. The raw materials are mixed in a specific ratio in a mixer to create a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is then conveyed to the plastering machine, which sprays the mix on the surface to be plastered.

The plastering gypsum mortar production line is commonly used in the construction industry and can produce many plastering gypsum mortar products in a short time. The production line is also known for its high efficiency, low cost, and environmental friendliness, making it a popular choice in the construction industry.

Components of the plastering gypsum production line

The plastering gypsum mortar production line is a comprehensive system for producing the gypsum-based mortar used for plastering walls and ceilings. Plastering gypsum mortar is a mixture of gypsum powder, water, and other additives such as polymers, plasticizers, and retarders. This mixture is used to apply a smooth and even layer on the surface of walls and ceilings to prepare them for painting or wallpapering. The production line is designed to manufacture large quantities of high-quality plastering gypsum mortar efficiently and economically.

The plastering gypsum production line consists of several components:

1. Gypsum powder production line: This component produces the gypsum powder required for the plastering gypsum mortar. The process involves crushing and grinding the raw gypsum to produce a fine powder that is then dried in a rotary kiln.

2. Mixing and batching system: This system is responsible for accurately weighing and mixing. The system is equipped with automatic mixers, butchers, and conveyor belts.

3. Drying system: If the moisture content of your raw materials is higher than 5%, you may need a dryer.

Sand dryer machine for Plastering gypsum mortar production line

4. Packaging system: Packaging is the final step in the plastering gypsum production line. The plastering gypsum mortar is packaged in bags of different sizes according to customer requirements. The packaging system uses automated filling machines and conveyor belts for efficient and accurate packaging. If your output is higher than 15t/h, a bag palletizer can help you save even more.

automatic packing machine for Plastering gypsum mortar production line

Advantages of plastering gypsum mortar production line

The advantages of using a plastering gypsum mortar production line are numerous.

  1. The production line can quickly produce large quantities of plastering gypsum mortar; this is important for construction projects where time is critical.
  2. The plastering gypsum mortar produced by the production line is of high quality and consistency. This ensures that the plastering job is even and smooth, meeting the requirements of construction standards.
  3. The production line incorporates automation technology, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.
  4. The whole line is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs.
  5. The production line also enables manufacturers to customize their products according to customer requirements. For example, additives can be added to the plastering gypsum mortar to enhance its properties, such as improving its bonding strength or water resistance. It will achieve by adjusting the mixing ratio or adding specific additives.

In conclusion, the plastering gypsum mortar production line is essential for producing high-quality plastering gypsum mortar used in construction. The production line incorporates advanced technology and automation, enabling the production of large quantities of plastering gypsum mortar in a short period. The system is flexible and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

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