Plough Mixer

What is a plough mixer?

A plough mixer is an industrial mixing equipment for blending, granulating, and mixing dry or wet materials, such as gypsum and cement mortar. It consists of a cylindrical-shaped mixing chamber with a horizontal shaft that contains multiple plough-shaped mixing elements attached to it. These ploughs rotate at high speeds, creating intense turbulence and forcing the materials to move in a specific pattern. This type of mixer is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and agricultural applications.

As the main mixing equipment for dry mortar production, plough mixer is suitable for mixing between powder and powder, powder and liquid, and viscous or agglomerated materials, with short mixing time, fast speed and high uniformity.


Working principle of plough mixer

Plough mixer, also known as plow mixer or plough shear mixer, driven by the main wheel reducer plow knife group shaft movement, on the one hand, the material along the circumference of the cylinder for radial circumferential turbulence, at the same time, the material will be thrown along the plow knife on both sides of the expected direction; on the other hand, be thrown out of the material by the knife group, by the high-speed rotation of the knife shear mixing and firmly thrown out, the material in the composite effect of the plow knife and the fly cutter, and constantly mix and diffusion.

Technical parameters of the plough mixer

All parameters are for reference only, please contact us for detailed parameters.

Model Motor Power Speed of Main Shaft Fly Cutter Motor Power Capacity per Batch Feeding Port Size Discharge Port Size Weight
FU-0.5 5.5kw 62r/min 1.5kw 0.2-0.3t 200mm 280*80mm 900kg
FU-1 11kw 50r/min 3kw 0.4-0.6t 300mm 340*100mm 1400kg
FU-2 15kw 42r/min 3kw 0.8-1.2t 300mm 420*120mm 2500kg
FU-3 18.5kw 33r/min 3kw 1.2-1.8t 300mm 420*120mm 3200kg
FU-4 22kw 33r/min 3kw 1.6-2.4t 400mm 500*140mm 3600kg
FU-5 30kw 28r/min 3kw 2-3t 400mm 500*140mm 4500kg
FU-6 37kw 22r/min 4kw 2.4-3.6t 400mm 500*140mm 5200kg
FU-8 45kw 22r/min 4kw 3.2-4.8t 500mm 500*160mm 6800kg
FU-10 55kw 22r/min 4kw 4-6t 500mm 500*160mm 8500kg

2 Types of Plough Mixer

The plow mixer is a new type of high-efficiency powder mixing equipment, according to the material can be divided into stainless steel plow mixer and carbon steel plow mixer.

carbon steel plough mixer

Carbon steel plough mixer

stainless steel plough mixer

Stainless steel plough mixer

What are the components of the plough shear mixer?

The main composition of the plough mixer consists of motor, reducer, cylinder, rotating spindle, plough blade group, fly cutter group, bearing seat, discharge valve, support parts, nozzle, and other components.

Transmission part: transmitted from the main motor and reducer to the plow group shaft.

Horizontal cylinder: The upper part is equipped with a feed port and an observation hole, and a material cleaning door is opened on one side.

Plough group: The number of colters is arranged according to the volume installed on the main shaft.

Flying knife group: The high-speed flying knife has a strong scattering and shearing mixing effect installed on the mixing shaft.

Discharge valve: installed at the bottom of the cylinder for discharge.

Liquid spray device: The liquid spray device is installed on the upper part of the cylinder. It consists of pipe fittings and nozzle parts and is fixed on the cylinder.

Customizable: can be customized and produced according to customer requirements.

How does plough shear mixer work?

The plough mixer is cylindrical and horizontal, with horizontal shaft transmission. Three parts affect the movement of materials: One is the shape of the equipment, which is horizontal and cylindrical. The second is the plough, shaped like a plough and fixed on the horizontal transmission shaft by a bracket. It rotates along the device's wall, causing the materials to diffuse and shear with each other. The third is flying knives.

  • At the beginning of mixing materials, the colter rotates and mixes continuously, which also increases the mobility of the particles, which is a typical diffusion mixing. At the same time, the particles rub violently with each other and have the effect of shear mixing.
  • The plows are distributed radially on the horizontal drive shaft, and there is a certain angle between the plows, significantly reducing the powder's resistance. One of the outstanding features of the plow mixer is its low mixing energy consumption.
  • The flying knife is composed of three simple blades, similar to the blades of an electric fan. It is multi-layered and pagoda-shaped. It is placed under the side of the mixer wall and rotates at 1450-1900 r/min.
  • The function of the flying knife is to make the material move in the direction of axial convection. The number of flying knives depends on their range of action. The flying knife only plays an auxiliary role in material mixing, and the plough plays a central role.
  • The plow moves in the powder, pushing the material to both sides, and a temporary groove appears at the tail, which is then filled with the upper material, forming a radial circulation of the material.
  • The movement of materials in the mixer can be described by two material cycles: the radial material circulation caused by the plough, and the axial material circulation caused by the flying knife.

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