Sand Washing Machine

The sand washing machine is a kind of sand washing equipment, which is often used together with the sand making machine. The sand washing machine can wash away the trace stone powder and impurities of the mixed sand produced by the sand making machine, so as to improve the quality of the sand.

Sand washing machine is widely used in sand and stone field, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy, and hydropower, concrete mixing plant and other industries for material washing, but also essential machine in sand washing plant.

sand washing machine

Type 1: Wheel Sand Washing Machine

Wheel diameter: 2200-3500mm.

Processing capacity: 15-200t/h.

Application: Widely used in construction site, sand yard, glass factory, power station, concrete stone, and electrical site, etc.

Introduction: Sand washing machine is mainly used for sand products to remove impurities (such as dust).

Type 2: Screw Sand Washing Machine

Processing capacity: 5-100 t/h.

Power: 7.5-30kw.

Application: used in construction sites, sand and stone factories, prefabricated factories, and hydropower sites with a large amount of sand and stone industries, can also be used for ore washing.

Screw sand washing machine is also known as spiral sand washing machine, spiral sand washer. It can also be mobile or portable type.

double spiral sand washer

Type 3: Double Spiral Sand Washer

Capacity: 60-280t/h.

Power: 7.5-22 x2 kw.

Screw diameter: 750-1500mm for a single screw.

This spiral sand washing machine can handle the material within 0-80mm, can wash away the soil and ash powder on the material, leaving high-quality material.

The spiral sand washer has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, and high cleaning efficiency.

Type 4: Sand Washing Plant

This is a common sand washing plant. In addition to the main sand washing machine, it also includes crusher machines, sand making machines, screening machines, feeders and conveying machines, etc.

The sand washing machine is the main machine in the sand washing plant. It is mainly used to clean the broken sand and stone, remove impurities, etc. The cleaned sand and stone can be widely used in sand fields, concrete mixing stations, and construction engineering.

sand washing plant

Sand Washing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Sand washing machine is also called aggregate washing. It is an important sand washing machine at present. Its main function is to remove the impurities in the finished sand, so as to improve the purity of the finished sand.

With the help of the specific gravity of solid particles, the principle of different sedimentation speeds in the liquid, a kind of equipment for sand and stone classification.

Features of Sand Washing Machine

  1. The sand washing machine can handle the materials within 0-30mm, and can wash the soil and ash powder on the materials into clean materials.
  2. Simple structure and high sand washing efficiency, easy maintenance, and high cleaning efficiency.
  3. Stable performance, quality assured. Complete specifications, small footprint, low investment cost.
  4. Sand washing machine has good quality and high purity. It can greatly reduce the content of water, mud, and impurities in the sand and improve the price of the finished sand.

How To Work For Sand Washing Machine?

In the sand washing machine process, sand washing is a very important step in the whole sand washing plant. The processed materials are transported to the vibrating screen for screening.

Qualified materials will be sent into the sand making machine, which will be cleaned by the sand washing machine after being made into qualified sand.

Sand washing machine working principle:

The sand and stone in the cleaning are driven by the impeller to roll, and grind each other to remove impurities on the surface of the sand and stone, and destroy the water vapor layer to facilitate dehydration; At the same time, water is added to the tank, creating a strong current to carry away impurities.

After cleaning, the finished product will be transported to the designated place by conveyor belt.

Types of Sand Washing Machine

At present, there are mainly wheel bucket sand washing machines and spiral sand washing machines, which can be selected according to their own needs.

Fine Sand Recycle Machine

Fine sand recycling machine through the concentration of slurry pump will be 40% or less of mud into the separation hydro cyclone separator, isolated from the coarse sand into the sieve dehydration recovery.

Larger limit recycle materials more than 75 cm, the removal of the sludge and clay under 75 cm, can with the existing sand washing plant, can also be used alone, Improve resource utilization and maximize profits.


Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Sand Washing Machine Price

With the increasing number of sand washing machine manufacturers, the sand washing machine price is also increasing. Here I will say the main factors affecting for sand washing machine price:

1. Raw material prices

2. The quality of the sand washing machine

3. Technical process of sand washing plant

4. Size of sand washing equipment

5. Suppliers of silica sand washing machine

6. Supply and demand

More than the price of this points to the sand washer has certain influence, in addition to the above, there are other uncontrolled factors, specific how much the price of sand washing machine, need according to your demand, visit several factories, also welcome to contact us, will customize the most suitable solution for you, no matter whether you buy from us.

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Installation of Sand Washing Machine

  1. Installation should pay attention to the host and horizontal vertical.
  2. Installed on the level of concrete foundation, fixed with foot bolts.
  3. After installation, check whether the bolts of each part are loose and whether the door of the main engine bin is fastened.
  4. In order to make the operation more professional, to prevent unnecessary mistakes, in the process of use, there should be special staff responsible for watching. Before the installation of the sand washing machine, the operators must be trained in technical operation, so that they can understand the principle and performance of the sand washing machine and be familiar with the operating procedures.
  5. Often check the reducer oil level, the tightness of the triangle belt, the lubrication of the gear, whether the connecting fasteners are loose. At the same time, to the friction parts of sufficient lubrication, regular filling of grease.
  6. To be equipped with the necessary maintenance tools, as well as lubricating oil and corresponding accessories, in case of need.