What is a small dry mortar plant?

A dry mortar plant is a machine for producing dry mortars. Due to the simple assembly, the output is less than 10ton per hour, so it is generally called a small dry mortar plant, small pre-mixed mortar plant, or simple dry mix mortar production line. It consists of a screw conveyor, ribbon mixer, electric control cabinet, pre-mix bin, and packaging machine, and it is very suitable for investors with low production requirements.


What is dry mix mortar?

Dry mix mortars are a type of pre-mixed mortar, and it is made of two or more ingredients that are mixed to create a mortar. They are made using the same ingredients as water-based mortars; however, they don't contain any water. The dry mix is mixed with water at the work site to create concrete or mortar products. Dry mix mortars have several advantages over regular mortars:

  • They can be stored without refrigeration.
  • They can be shipped quickly and easily through most means of transport.
  • They're ready to use immediately after mixing.

What is the application of simple dry mix mortar production line?

The small dry mix mortar plant can meet the production needs of wall putty, tile adhesive, thermal insulation mortar and other products with different performance requirements, such as putty powder, paint, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, bonding mortar, thermal insulation mortar, decorative mortar, etc.

Small dry mortar plant process

The following is our small dry mix mortar plant production process:

wall putty manufacturing process

Put all the raw materials into 2; the screw conveyor will transport the raw materials to 3 (dry mortar mixer); after mixing evenly, go through the 4 (screw conveyor) to the finished product bin 5, and finally be packaged into bags by the packaging machine 6.

7 is an economical dust collector.

8 is an air compressor.

The advantages of small dry mortar plant

  1. The simple dry mortar production line has a compact layout and small footprint.
  2. Low investment, immediate effect, simple operation.
  3. Easy maintenance, good sealing and less dust.
  4. Using internal and external multi-layer ribbon mixing, no stirring dead angle, fast mixing speed and high uniformity.
  5. It is easy to install and has a wide range of applications.
  6. There is a movable door under the mixer body, which is convenient for cleaning.
  7. The small dry mortar plant is equipped with a valve port automatic quantitative packaging machine under the storage bin, which shortens the packaging time, reduces the labour intensity, and achieves the continuous operation of the whole feeding, stirring and packaging process.
  8. A simple dry mortar plant is suitable for individual and small and medium-sized factories.

How much does a small dry mortar mix plant cost ?

A small dry mix mortar plant is a machine used to produce small and medium-sized mortar widely used in construction and decoration. It uses an automatic control system, improving production efficiency and reducing labour intensity. Small dry mortar mixing machines are as low as 4500/set; the higher the output, the higher the price.

The small dry mortar mix plant can be divided into four categories:

1. The first category is a small dry mortar mixing machine with a production capacity of 0.5-1t/h. The cost of such a machine is about $4500 per piece;

2. The second category is a small dry mortar production line with a production capacity of 1-2t/h.

3. The third category is a small dry mortar plant with a production capacity of 2-3t/h.

4. The fourth category is a dry mortar mix plant with a production capacity of 3-10t/h.

The price of small dry mix mortar machines depends on many factors, such as:

1. The size of the machine;

2. The capacity of the machine;

3. The power of the machine;

4. The technology level;

5. The brand name.

In Conclusion

A dry mix mortar plant is a kind of special production line; Dry mix mortar production line can be used to produce ordinary dry mix mortars or continuously produce work mortar. According to the different production requirements and market needs, dry mix mortar plants can be divided into small dry mortar plants and large dry mortar plants.

For those of you who are interested in building a small dry mortar plant to produce many kinds of dry mortar, we sincerely hope that our brief introduction can help you better understand the product. If you need further details, please contact me freely without hesitation.