We are excited to announce that our small dry mix mortar production line has been shipped and is on its way to Zambia.

This morning, it was sunny, which is a good sign for the delivery. The workers loaded the entire production line into containers as planned.

We hope everything goes smoothly with this shipment, and we will keep you updated!

Small Dry Mix Mortar Production Line Shipping to Zambia

Small Dry Mortar Plant is a kind of new building material production line, which can meet the production needs of wall putty, tile adhesive, thermal insulation mortar and other products with different performance requirements. The small dry mortar plant has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and so on. It is suitable for large-scale production and widely used in industrial parks, construction sites and so on.

You can ship dry mix mortar plant through most means of transport. Dry mix mortar palnts can be shipped by air, sea and land. It can be shipped in containers, trucks, trains or even in bulk or bags.