Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer


Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer is a type of industrial dryer commonly used for drying various materials such as sand, biomass, sludge, wood chips, sawdust, and other agricultural and industrial waste. It is characterized by its three concentric cylinders or drums through which the material passes, hence the name "triple pass". Each cylinder has a rotating mechanism and airflow system, allowing for efficient and thorough material drying.

Eye-catching design - 3 pass rotary dryer

The 3 pass rotary drum dryer is a breakthrough design and technological update that utilizes a triple ring design compared to the traditional single drum design. Designed specifically for sand drying, this dryer is able to provide more efficient drying results while saving floor space. This design advantage makes it one of the leaders in the sand dryer market.

The working principle of triple pass rotary drum dryer:

When the triple pass rotary drum dryer works, the hot airflow is pumped by the induced draft fan into the inner cylinder of the dryer, and the wet material enters the inner wall of the inner cylinder to pre-dry first. With the cylinder rotating in the cylinder and the hot airflow meeting, the material is lifted by the lifting plate and the hot airflow for full heat exchange while moving forward. Similarly, the fabric turns into the cylinder, the outer cylinder, the lifting plate lifts the material and evenly spreads in the cylinder, the outer wall of the cylinder, with the cylinder rotating at a slow speed, the material in the annular space can experience a long retention time, and finally along the outer cylinder wall and the outer wall of the cylinder on the guide unloading plate to the exit end of the flow through the discharge valve discharged, the exhaust gas by the discharge cover of the upper exhaust pipeline into the dust collector.

From the drying process of the material above, the material is directly dried by the hot airflow at the same time and indirectly dried by the middle and inner cylinder. The drying design is very reasonable and scientific; the low-temperature section of the outer cylinder of the high-temperature section of the inner cylinder has thermal insulation, and the total heat dissipation area of the equipment relative to the single-cylinder dryer is reduced by 50-60%. In short, the triple pass rotary drum dryer has excellent innovation in the equipment's overall design and structural design.

Advantages of the Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer

  1. High drying efficiency: The triple pass design ensures the material is exposed to the drying medium for longer, leading to better heat utilization and faster drying.
  2. Uniform drying: The material is evenly distributed and comes into contact with the hot air multiple times, resulting in uniform drying and consistent moisture content.
  3. Energy-saving: The triple pass design reduces heat loss and improves heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption.
  4. More advanced: The wet material is in the dryer; due to the reasonable combination of sealing, heat preservation, and supporting equipment, the thermal efficiency of the dryer is increased by 50-80% compared with the traditional dryer.
  5. Compact and space-saving: The triple pass rotary drum dryer offers high drying capacity in a relatively small footprint, making it ideal for installations with limited space.
  6. Flexibility: It can handle various materials with varying moisture content and particle sizes.
  7. Low emissions: The dryers have advanced dust collection systems and emission control devices, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  8. High intelligence: The electric control cabinet controls the whole drying line.

Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer - Revolutionizing Sand Drying Efficiency

The triple pass rotary drum dryer has an innovative design and advanced features; it offers enhanced efficiency and reduced footprint, making it a preferred choice for sand drying applications.

Efficiency Redefined:

Unlike traditional single-barrel dryers, the triple pass rotary drum dryer utilizes a three-layered circular design, increasing heat transfer and improving drying efficiency. The sand is passed through the rotating drum three times, allowing optimal exposure to the hot gases and ensuring thorough and uniform drying.

Compact Design:

One of the standout advantages of the triple pass rotary drum dryer is its compact footprint. It significantly reduces the required floor space by incorporating three drying zones within a single machine. This makes it ideal for facilities with limited available areas, allowing maximum utilization of available resources without compromising drying efficiency.

Enhanced Heat Utilization:

The unique design of the triple-pass rotary drum dryer facilitates efficient heat utilization. Hot gases are made to travel in a counter-current direction to the sand, maximizing heat transfer and minimizing energy wastage. This improves drying efficiency and helps reduce operational costs, making the triple-pass rotary drum dryer a cost-effective solution.

Improved Quality and Uniformity:

The triple-pass rotary drum dryer ensures consistent and uniform drying by introducing fresh hot gases into each zone. This enables better control over the drying process, preventing over-drying or under-drying of the sand. As a result, the sand retains its quality, ensuring it meets the desired specifications for various applications.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Apart from its remarkable sand drying capabilities, the triple pass rotary drum dryer is suitable for drying various materials such as minerals, agricultural products, and biomass. Its adaptability makes it valuable across multiple industries, providing efficient and reliable drying solutions.

The triple pass rotary drum dryer is a true innovation in sand drying technology. Its unique design, enhanced heat utilization, compact footprint, and versatile drying capabilities make it an ideal choice for manufacturers and industries seeking improved drying efficiency and reduced operational costs. Embracing this cutting-edge technology can improve productivity and quality, ensuring optimum performance in sand drying applications.

The ancillary equipment of the triple pass drum dryer

The ancillary equipment of the triple pass drum dryer is composed of an electromagnetic vibrating feeder or disc feeder, bucket elevator, hot air stove, transmission system, vibrating screen, conveying equipment, and so on. The burner supplied to the hot air furnace has fuel oil, natural gas, coal, etc. Various forms, of which coal burning is the most common, support customization.

Installation, adjustment, and test run of triple pass dryer:

If you buy a set of 3-pass rotary dryers from China, how to install them?

Installation procedures and assembly technical requirements:

  1. First, remove the equipment parts dust and check the stock, repair the equipment in the transportation process caused by the damage, such as discovering missing parts, and timely practice rotary dryer supplier.
  2. According to the outline size of the base and the location of the ground screws to do the concrete foundation, the foundation for the horizontal rotation on the ground, the elevation can be referred to the process diagram, but also according to the actual situation of the user to determine their own.
  3. Installation of ground screws and construction and acceptance according to the mechanical engineering construction specification.
  4. Installation and assembly requirements of pallet device:
    (1) Wedge the inclined iron between the support pad and the base of the pallet wheel device, which adjusts the level and height of the support pad.
    (2) The deviation of the cross centerline of the base of the pallet wheel from the designed position shall not be more than 1.5mm, and the axial centerline of the two bearing seats shall be on the same straight line, and the deviation shall not be more than 0.5mm.
    (3) The centerline of the four pallets is equal to the centerline of the cylinder, and its parallelism shall not exceed ±0.1mm/m.
  5. After the Installation of the rotary cylinder, its deviation shall not be greater than the following values:
    (1) The end face runout of the two pulleys shall be at most 1.2mm.
    (2) The radial runout of the two pulleys shall not be more than 1mm.
  6. Drive pulley installation:
    (1) The axis line of the two drive wheels should be parallel;
    (2) The tolerance of coaxially between the drive pulley shaft and the speed reducer's input shaft shall not be more than 0.2mm.
  7. Installation of the sealing device: The distance of the sealing device from the end face of the cylinder should be changeable; you can determine according to the actual situation of the factory and the specific combined part of the matched hot air furnace.
  8. Installation of dust collector, lifting, and conveying equipment.
  9. Second grouting after each link is adjusted and qualified.

No-load test triple pass dryer

  1. Empty load test machine time is not less than 8 hours, and make the following checks;
  2. Whether there is any loosening of the other parts of each transmission device and whether there is any impact and abnormal noise;
  3. The load of the motor shall not exceed 20% of the rated power, and the temperature rise shall not exceed 30℃;
  4. The cylinder body has no longitudinal crosstalk or fierce reciprocating swing;
  5. Whether the lubrication and sealing of each lubrication point are good or not, and the temperature rise of the bearings generally does not exceed 30℃.
  6. The length of the contact surface between the wheel belt and the pallet is not less than 70% of the working surface width;
  7. Whether there is collision and detachment of the sealing device at both ends;
  8. Check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the operation of each bearing.

Note: When the no-load test machine is qualified, can carry out load test machine, load test machine order is: in the operation of the cylinder in the selection of hot air flow, gradually make it reach the working temperature, and at the same time put a small amount of material, until it gets the average load. Repeat the above check requirements in the standard bag running up to 8 hours to determine the accuracy before the official commissioning operation.

The operation sequence of the triple pass drum dryer

Prepare the following work before starting the triple pass dryer

(1) Check whether the hot air furnace and oil supply, gas supply, or coal supply system work normally;
(2) Check whether the pipeline, regulating valve, and ancillary equipment usually operate;
(3) Check whether the feeding, unloading, and conveying equipment is faulty;
(4) Check whether the machine lacks oil, especially the bearings, reducer, and other main parts.

Starting sequence

(1) Light up the hot air furnace and adjust the control valves;
(2) Start the motor of the triple pass dryer;
(3) Start the feeder and conveying equipment;
(4) Start the dust collector.

Sequence of shutdown

(1) 30 minutes before the shutdown, stop the hot air furnace oil supply, gas supply, or coal supply system, and stop feeding;
(2) Wait for all materials in the dryer cylinder to be unloaded, and then turn off the motor of the dryer;
(3) Stop the equipment for transporting dry materials;
(4) Rotate the cylinder every 10-15 minutes after stopping the machine until it cools down to prevent it from deforming. If the machine stops due to an accident, besides controlling the oil supply, gas supply, or coal supply immediately, the cylinder should also be rotated according to the above methods, and the materials in the cylinder should be emptied as much as possible until the cylinder cools down;

Joint problems, causes and troubleshooting methods of triple pass rotary drum dryer during operation.

After drying, the final moisture of the material is greater than the requirements.

After drying, the final moisture of the material is greater than the requirements of the specifications of the specified value of the reason is that according to the production capacity of the material, and with the matching heat is insufficient, the exclusion of the method is to improve the furnace temperature or reduce the amount of feed;

After drying, the final moisture of the material is less than the specified value.

After drying, the last water of the material is less than the fixed value because the heat supply is too much or the wet material feeding amount is small. The solution is to increase the amount of damp material feeding, but the material in the cylinder filling cross-sectional area shall not be more significant than 20% of the cross-sectional area of the cylinder, so you can also reduce the supply of hot air that is, to reduce the supply of oil, gas or coal;

Rotating cylinder vibration or up-and-down movement

Rotating the cylinder vibration or up and down flutter produced by: the pallet device and cylinder connection damage should be corrected. The position of the pallet is incorrect and should be adjusted;

Bearing temperature rise is too high.

Bearing temperature rise is too high because of a lack of lubricating oil or dirt, adjusted too biased, or jamming phenomenon should be dealt with promptly.

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