Types of wall putty mixing machine

The wall putty mixing machine can be divided into high-speed and low-speed mixing machines according to the different speeds.

The high-speed mixing machine can only mix viscous paste materials, such as latex paint, glue, etc. In contrast, a low-speed mixing machine can mix dry mortar materials with enormous specific gravity.

So why do you choose a low-speed wall putty mixing machine?

The shaft drives the wall putty mixing machine to the mixing arm and blade installed on it to rotate. Realize the mixing process of the mixture. Usually, we call R the distance from the axis to the end of the blade. It can be seen that there is a difference in linear velocity from each point of rotation, so there is a velocity gradient. The speed of your mixer should ensure normal working parameters for your wall putty mixing machine and, at the same time, meet various performance requirements such as mixing quality and mixing efficiency.

In China, the speed of the wall putty mixing machine refers to the shaft speed w of the putty powder mixer. Because the stirring shaft drives the moving arm and the blade installed on it to rotate, the moving process of the mixture is realized; The linear speed of the blade is v=Rw, and R is the distance from the shaft center to the end of the edge. It can be seen that there is a velocity gradient at each point in this way, so strictly speaking, rotational speed refers to maximum linear velocity Vmax at the end of the stirring blade. Microscopic uniformity is measured by the mean value of putty powder strength, standard deviation, and dispersion coefficient.

A low-speed wall putty mixing machine allows users to control their conditions to achieve better results when using mortar mixers. Plays a vital role in the wall putty manufacturing machine.

A wall putty mixing machine is a kind of equipment for mixing cement, lime, sand, and other ingredients. The putty mortar mixer adopts low-speed integrating technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency, small size, low noise, and so on.

In conclusion

To ensure the quality of the wall putty, we need to choose a low-speed mixing machine. This can reduce energy consumption and waste fewer construction materials while providing good dry mortar quality.