In the dry mix mortar manufacturing process, it is essential to put materials in the correct order. Putting materials into the weighing hopper according to the dry mortar formula can make your dry powder composition more accurate and the quality of dry powder mortar higher. Let's see how to correctly put materials in the dry mortar production line.

The correct order of placing materials for the dry mortar production line

1. Add light materials first, such as cement, heavy calcium, fly ash, etc. The advantage of this is that the mixer has a small starting resistance.

2. Then add a small number of additive materials, such as rubber powder, cellulose, polypropylene materials, etc. After stirring for a while, add additives with very few ingredients, which can be thoroughly mixed without wasting materials and improve the dispersion efficiency.

3. Finally, add materials such as sand. Do you know? If sand is added first, the starting current will increase by about 4 times. In starting dry mix mortar manufacturing, someone added the sand required for a batch of materials into the mixer at one time, which would cause the machine to suffocate directly, the mixer would not start usually, and the mixer would be damaged. The most crucial point is that pure sand wears a lot to the iron plate. Finally, adding sand, the light material, will form a buffering effect on the mixer, significantly reducing the wear and tear.

4. The mixing time is related to the mixing ratio. For example, at 1:1000 and 1:10000, the mixing time is different. If the proportion of various additives in the formula is relatively high, you can consider increasing the pre-mixed bin or prolonging the mixing time.

The benefits of placing materials in the correct order for dry mortar mix plant

1. To meet the formula requirements to the greatest extent, the composition of dry mortar is more accurate.

2. Reasonable feeding sequence helps the mixer meet the mixing requirements the shortest time.

3. Reasonable feeding sequence will help reduce the wear and tear of materials on the mixer and prolong the service life of the dry mix mortar production line.


After reading this article, do you already know "how to correctly put materials in the dry mortar production line"?

Put various additives first, start the equipment and then put sand. Hope this article is helpful to you. If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.