Commonly used jaw crushers include double toggle jaw crushers and single toggle jaw crushers.

When the double toggle jaw crusher is working, the movable jaw only makes a simple arc swing, so it is also called a simple swing jaw crusher;

The single toggle jaw crusher not only performs circular swing but also moves up and down, so it is also called a complex swing jaw crusher.

primary jaw crusher

The up and down movement of single toggle jaw crusher can promote the discharge of material, and it is easy to break large materials, and its crushing efficiency is higher than that of double toggle jaw crusher.

The disadvantage is that the jaw plate wears out quickly. In order to protect the important parts of the machine from damage, the design & quality of the jaw plate is particularly important when overloading.

In addition, in order to meet the requirements of different product sizes and avoid the wear of the jaw plate, the discharge port adjustment device is added.

But in order to avoid affecting production by replacing worn parts, hydraulic devices can also be used to achieve adjustment.

Jaw crushers also can be divided into primary jaw crushers and fine jaw crushers.

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