Dry Batch Concrete Plant VS Wet Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete mixing plant is divided into dry batch concrete plant and wet concrete batching plant, so do you know the difference between them?

In short, the most obvious difference between dry batch concrete plant and wet concrete batching plant is that dry mix concrete plant does not have a concrete mixer. It uses concrete trucks to mix while being transported.

And wet concrete batching plant is on the site at the same time production side mixing.

Here are some more differences between dry batch concrete plant and wet concrete batching plant.

What is the difference between dry batch concrete plant and wet concrete batching plant?

  1. Dry batch concrete plants have lower operating costs than wet concrete batching plants because they lack a mixer.
  2. Dry mix concrete batching plant is a special function of the production line, more suitable for long-distance transportation.
  3. Because of the nature of concrete, wet concrete batching plant is not suitable for long-distance transportation.
  4. Wet concrete batching plant the material through a central concrete mixer, more efficient, more uniform mixing.
  5. Dry batch concrete plant's concrete quality is sometimes not ideal, suitable for concrete quality requirements are not high users.
  6. Wet batch agitation has higher maintenance costs than dry batch, in addition to the need to add water.
  7. In terms of service life, wet mix concrete plant has a longer service life than dry mix batching plant.

Can a wet concrete batching plant produce dry concrete?

Yes, you can control the wet mixing time to produce dry concrete, but this is not necessary unless you have to, because your costs will increase.

The difference between concrete mixer trucks

Wet mixing concrete mixer truck is mainly used to transport already mixed concrete.

And dry concrete mixer truck, not only responsible for transportation, but also responsible for mixing.

Configure different

Wet and dry concrete batching plant appearance is different, wet concrete batching plant has a double shaft concrete mixer. Dry batch concrete plant does not.

Dry batch concrete plant is composed of batching hopper, storage silo, belt conveyor and so on.


Wet concrete batching plants, which can be fixed or mobile. Dry batch plant is obviously impossible.

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