What is a cement silo dust collector?

Dust collector for cement silo is mainly used to collect dust around cement silo.

The cement silo dust collector is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, to filter fine, non-fibrous dry dust in the gas or to recover dry dust in the process.


Role of cement silo dust collector

When conveying materials to the cement silo, there will be dust overflow, which is the cement silo dust collector to collect the dust and exhaust the clean air to keep clean air.

When the bulk pump truck feeds powder into the cement storage silo, there is a specific pressure difference inside and outside the cement silo. The gas is discharged from the silo to the outside, using the filter cartridge to filter the dust and achieve the effect of clean air.

When the screw conveyor delivers materials to the cement silo, the pressure inside the silo is less than the atmospheric pressure, so that the air is replenished by the atmosphere to the silo, so that the screw conveyor works typically within the applicable range.

How does the cement dust collector work?

The connection of the silo dust collector is sealed with a hoop, and the dust collector for the cement silo is usually installed on the top of the cement silo and fly ash silo.

According to the passing aperture of various powder substances such as cement, fly ash, stone powder, mineral powder, chemical powder, etc., the filter element of the dust collector is designed to meet the filtration requirements of each powder substance fully.

The filtering area is more than 24 square meters, the volume of the dust collector is small, regular vibration cleaning and the filter material imported from Germany is selected - 14 filter elements.

International standard spare parts, easy operation, and maintenance significantly reduce the pollution caused by dust spillage to the environment; it is the best partner for concrete and dry mixing mortar plants.

Composition of cement silo dust collector

The dust collector for a cement silo is generally composed of a vibration motor, bracket, rain cap, upper cartridge box, electrical box, vibration box, cartridge, sealed cartridge box, protective net, connecting clip, welding flange, gasket, and so on.

The dust collector for cement silo is a round detachable metal cartridge with 14 embedded round holes on the bottom plate; it is equipped with 14 cartridges tied to a vibrator hanger at the upper end that vibrates regularly to make the dust stopped by the cartridges land in the silo.

Parameters of cement silo dust collector

  • Filtration area: 24㎡
  • Number of filter elements: 14
  • Exhaust air volume: > 1500 m3/h
  • Filtration efficiency: > 99.9%
  • Cleaning method: intermittent vibration cleaning vibration
  • Motor power: 380V/ 50 Hz, support custom motor
  • Structure form: cylindrical
  • Diameter: 780 mm
  • Total height of installation: 1535 mm
  • Connection method: clamp connection (including seal ring)
  • Cylinder material: carbon steel
  • Color: yellow/grey/red, or you're like

How many dust collectors are needed for one cement silo?

Is it one cement silo corresponding to one dust collector?


The dust collector configuration and installation are more flexible, one cement silo can be installed with one dust collector, or multiple cement silos can be installed with one or two dust collectors.

When a dust collector is used for several cement silos, the dust collector capacity needs to be considered, and a dust collector with a large air volume is needed.

Maintenance and repair of cement silo dust collector

  1. Need to regularly clean the cement silo dust collector clear dust; this is very important.
  2. When dealing with high-temperature gas, it should prevent water droplets caused by cooling.
  3. The dust discharge port and inspection door are sealed safely.
  4. The correct operation.
  5. According to the material of the filter bag, the filter bag needs to be replaced regularly.