Horizontal Baler Machine For Sale

fully automatic horizontal baler

Take waste horizontal paper baler, for example, horizontal baler machine capacity can reach 2 tons per hour, if the material is waste cartons, waste metal and so on, the capacity will be higher.

Horizontal baling machines are ideal for high-volume recycling materials such as plastic bottles, old clothes, construction waste, used woven bags, cotton, peanuts, straw, and other materials. Our automatic horizontal baler provides high-quality square bales with compact structures.

Horizontal balers for sale support pressures from 60 tons to 200 tons, it can be divided into horizontal baler machines with and without doors.

FUREIN can customize horizontal balers for your materials and requirements at a reasonable price.

What is Horizontal Waste Compactor?

Semi-automatic/fully automatic horizontal baler as its name is used to pack waste scraps, waste paper, waste cartons, and other bundling equipment.

Horizontal baler machine, refers to the loose material extrusion packaging, with wire or PP strap, which is convenient for transportation, and save space and cost.

The biggest feature of automatic horizontal baling press is automatic baling, automatic wire breaking after baling, without manual baling, greatly reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

What is an automatic horizontal baling press machine?

Through the above description, you should have a general understanding of the horizontal baler press.

Baling machine working principle is to drive the operation of the oil pump through the rotation of the motor, extract the hydraulic oil inside the oil tank, through the reversing function of the reversing valve, drive the oil cylinder to run, the material is extruded into a compact bale, tied the bale with rope.

Horizontal Baler Machine Parameter

If you need other models or custom horizontal balers, please contact us.

Model 60T 80T 100T 120T 160T 200T
Press Force 600kn 800kn 1000kn 1200kn 1600kn 2000kn
Motor 11kw 22kw 22kw 22+15kw 22+15kw 22+22kw
Power Supply 380v/customized 380v/customized 380v/customized 380v/customized 380v/customized 380v/customized
Packing Size(L*W*H) 1200*600*700mm 1200*800*900mm 1400*1100*800mm 1800*1100*800mm 3000*1100*1250mm 4000*1100*1250mm
Machine Dimensions 2800*1500*1650mm 5000*1600*1700mm 6800*1700*1900mm 6800*1700*1900mm 9600*2100*3600mm 10800*2100*3600mm
Host Weight 2500kg 4300kg 4500kg 4800kg 15800kg 19000kg
Hydraulic Oil 46# /68# 46# /68# 46# /68# 46# /68# 46# /68# 46# /68#
Capacity 8 bales per hour 8 bales per hour 8 bales per hour 8 bales per hour 8 bales per hour 8 bales per hour
Control System semi-auto/full auto semi-auto/full auto semi-auto/full auto semi-auto/full auto semi-auto/full auto semi-auto/full auto
Conveyor Size 700*148mm 700*148mm 800*148mm 900*166mm 1000*186mm 1000*186mm

Note: all the above parameters are for reference only. If the baler machine is improved, there will be no further notice.

Models of Horizontal Baler

Horizontal baling machines can be divided into 60T, 80T, 100T, 120T, 140T, 160T, 200T according to their own pressure.

120 ton horizontal baler machine

120T Horizontal Baler

140 ton horizontal baling press machine

140T Baler Machine

160ton horizontal baler machine

160T Baling Machine

200ton horizontal baling press machine

200T Horizontal Baler Machine

Types of Horizontal Baling Machine

The horizontal baler can also be divided into close-end and open end horizontal baling machines.

In general, open-end baler than close-end baler high output, packaging materials also more. For example, the most common cardboard baler is packed with open-end horizontal balers.


Horizontal Baler With Conveyor

Horizontal Baler Machine

Horizontal baler, also known as horizontal baling press machine, is mainly used for bale or packing old cartons, cardboards, scrap metal, woven bags, plastic bottles, medicinal materials, cotton, old clothes, etc., which is convenient for recycling and reuse.

The horizontal baler machine can be divided into the automatic horizontal baler and semi automatic horizontal baling press, you want to choose what kind of baler, depending on your materials and the degree of automation, such as automatic bale or manual bale.

What materials can the horizontal baler pack?

Horizontal baler is widely used in waste paper, cardboard boxes, PET bottles, plastic film, straw, household garbage, textiles, and another loose compression packaging.

Suitable for carton factories, packaging factories, printing factories, garbage sorting and treatment station, professional recycling station, and other places.

pet bottle baler machine

Pet Bottle Baler Machine

scrap metal baler machine

Scrap Metel Baler Machine

cardboard baling press machine

Cardboard Baler Machine

straw baler machine

Straw Baling Press Machine

cotton baler machine

Cotton Baling Press Machine

Cotton Baling Press Machine

Like how materials are packed into blocks/bales, how horizontal balers work, if you want to learn more, contact us for a video.

Automatic Horizontal Baler Parts

Hydraulic baler machine is mechatronic integration, a very high degree of automation, the horizontal waste baler is composed of transmission structure, feeding system, control system, power system.

horizontal baler control system

Control System

Baler Motor

Baler Motor

horizontal baler power

Power System

Hydralic Oil

Hydraulic Oil Supply

Automatic Horizontal Baler Features

  • Three-phase voltage, safer operation.
  • Touch screen PLC panel, easier to operate.
  • Feeding system automatic detection, automatic compression, can achieve automatic unmanned operation.
  • Automatic tether, improve efficiency, save labor.
  • You can customize the bale length and display the number of bales.
  • It can pack a variety of materials.
  • Push cylinder and push head are connected by spherical structure, long service life
  • Low noise hydraulic circuit design, safe and trouble-free.
  • Simple installation, no foundation.

As a professional horizontal baler manufacturer, we not only have horizontal compactor type, the vertical baler machine is also very popular.

Vertical Baler or Horizontal Baler? What's the difference?

From the shape we can see that the vertical baler is vertical, the horizontal baler is horizontal.

The vertical baler can also pack waste cartons, old clothes, cotton paper, plastic bottles, cans, and other materials, more importantly, it is cheap.

How to choose? Vertical baler or horizontal baler?

It depends on what your material is and how much output you need.

Contact us to get a quotation with details