Jumbo Bag Packing Machine

Jumbo bag packing machine is a kind of weighing and packing machine that loads bulk materials into large bulk bags, which are tonnage bags or FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers), so the jumbo bag packing machine can also be bulk bag filling machine or FIBCs bag packing machine. It combines electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, dust removal and other multi-functions in one. It is widely used in mineral, chemical, food, building materials and other industries. It is especially suitable for packing bulk materials with large capacity, such as chemical raw materials, food additives, minerals, and so on.

Jumbo bag packing machine

Jumbo bag packing machine features:

  1. High degree of automation: Equipped with an advanced PLC control system, it can realize fully automatic operation from weighing, and filling to sealing, simplifying the operation process and improving production efficiency.
  2. High packing precision: through high-precision sensors and metering devices, it ensures the precise weight of each bag of materials and meets the strict requirements of chemical, food and other industries on the accuracy of weight.
  3. Strong flexibility: it can adapt to different specifications of the tonnage bag packaging needs, and adapt to the mass production of large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the needs of multi-variety production.
  4. Safe and reliable: the design gives full consideration to the safety of the operator and the cleanliness of the production environment, equipped with a variety of safety protection devices.
  5. There is no standard for jumbo bag packing machines, we are good at customizing FIBC bag packing machines according to your needs.

The operation process of the Jumbo bag packing machine:

  1. Bagging: manually bag the tonnage bag to the bag clamp, then automatically clamp the bag and lock it, fill the material and pack it.
  2. Precise weighing: use the loss-in-weight screw device with stepless speed regulation function for fast and precise feeding, and meanwhile process the weight data in real-time through the weighing module.
  3. Intelligent control: The system effectively controls the feeding speed through the pre-set feeding parameters to ensure packing accuracy.
  4. Unloading and bag sealing: after packaging, the equipment automatically lowers the tonnage bag and takes off the hook, and then seals the bag and sends it to the designated position through the conveyor belt.

What is the capacity of jumbo bag packing machine in a day?

  • The amount of work a jumbo bag packing machine can do in a day can be affected by a variety of factors, including the type of material, the performance of the equipment, and the operating time.
  • The output range of a jumbo bag packing machine varies according to the material and accuracy requirements, and the packing speed is usually 20-30 ton bags/hour. Ton bags are generally available in sizes of 300kg, 500kg, 1ton, 1.5ton, and 2ton.

Parameter of jumbo bag packing machine

Model FIBCS-1000
Material SUS304 Contact parts
Gross weight 1000kg
Capacity 20-30bags/h
Weighing range 5-50kg or customized
Quantify precision ±0.2%
Power 0.5kw
Power supply AC 220V/380V 50 HZ 1P/3P Customized
Air source 0.4~0.6MPa, 0.36m³/min

How many people do I need to operate the jumbo bag packing machine?

The generally requires 1-2 people to operate, depending on production needs and output.

  1. Basic Configuration: Ton bag packaging machines have been designed with automation and the need to reduce manual operation in mind. Therefore, most of the tonnage bag packing machines only need 1-2 operators to complete the daily operation.
  2. Operation: the main work of the operator is to set and hang the bags, which is the main part of the tonnage bag packing machine that requires manual participation. Other steps, such as weighing, filling, sealing, etc., can be completed automatically by the FIBC bag packing machine.
  3. Output and staffing: If the output is less than 10 tons, generally one person can operate. However, if the output is large, or the need for continuous uninterrupted production, then 2 people may be required to operate in shifts to ensure the continuity and stability of production.

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