Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizer Machine

Automatic robotic bag palletizer mainly used for cement bags, dry pack mortar bags operations, so it can be called cement bag palletizing. It make the existing cement loading unattended operation, replacing manual working, prevent workers from inhaling dust to cause a variety of lung diseases, turn the harsh environment into machine automation, improve working conditions, improve economic benefits.

  • Robotic bag palletizer using high-quality steel casting body, long service life;
  • Palletizers for cement bags specifications and sizes can be customized;
  • Its fixture material, specifications, and sizes can be customized;
  • Robotic bag palletizer work can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic control;
  • Palletizing work precision, high sensitivity.
robotic bag palletizer
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What is robotic bag palletizer machine?

A palletizing robot is to put cartons and packed goods on the pallet according to a particular arrangement for automatic stacking, stacking multilayer. It is then transported to the warehouse by forklift truck for storage.

Bag palletizermachine refers to the robot according to the programming has been set, the packed bags according to the specific arrangement of transport to a fixed place. Generally used in dry mortar production line, improve the degree of automation, the largest cost of labor saving.

Robotic bag palletizer adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, simple and easy to master. It can significantly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity.

The palletizing robot can be roughly divided into the mechanical part, the control part, and the sensing part. Each department works closely together. No matter degree of freedom, positioning accuracy, working range, or carrying capacity, automatic robot palletizing system has unique advantages in various unique and harsh environments.

The automatic robotic bag palletizer is a high-tech mechatronics product; it can meet the needs of different outputs. The optimized design makes the shape of the stack tight and neat.

How Does The Bag Palletizer Work?

Taking cement bags as an example, the packed cement bags are transmitted to the end by a belt machine, and the palletizing robot grabs the bags with a mechanical arm.

The palletizing robot places the cement bags in place according to the programming that has been set up and repeats the process until the pallet is full.

The pallets are then transported to the cement storage area.

How Does The Bag Palletizer Work?

Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine Working Site

Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizer Machine Features

The advantages of a robotic bag palletizer are small footprint, 360-degree rotation, more flexible operation, grab palletizing ability can reach 800-1200 packages/hour.

It applies to a wide range of industries, such as flour mills, carton factories, beverage factories, breweries, feed factories, cement factories and other bags, boxes, food, medicine, etc., can be used, but because of its high cost, expensive, not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with small production capacity.

automatic bag palletizer machine

How Much Does A Robotic Palletizer Cost?

Choosing the right robotic bag palletizer usually depends on the following factors: payload, range, duty cycle, cycle time, and footprint.
When selecting the required payload range, don’t forget to predict the weight of the arm-end tools, etc.

Different needs, automatic bag palletizer machine price is different; that is why it can be customized.

All bag palletizer solutions on the market are available for all speeds and requirements.

Furein machinery can give you a choice of size, payload, cycle time, speed, and accuracy. Contact us for a bag palletizer customized solution.

Robotic Bag Palletizer Applications

1. Application in the industrial industry

It can palletize and pack all kinds of industrial products, the packing accuracy is improved accordingly.

2. Plastic and rubber industry

Plastic production, processing and machinery manufacturing are closely linked. Because plastic is almost everywhere.

3. Automobile industry

In China, 50% of industrial robots are used in the automobile industry, and more than 50% are welding robots. In developed countries, automotive industry robots account for more than 53% of the total number of robots. According to statistics, the world’s major automakers produce more than 10 robots per 10,000 vehicles annually. With the continuous development and improvement of robot technology, the industrial palletizing robot will undoubtedly promote the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

4. Food industry

The use of robots in the food industry is more widespread. Even in many traditional industrial fields, people are trying to make robots instead of human beings to work, just like in the food industry.

High speed robotic palletizer has the advantage of simple operation, stable structure, and low failure rate and maintenance costs are very few. The pallet capacity of 400-600 / hour fully satisfies the requirement of the small and medium-sized enterprises. A production line material pallet is mainly used in the feed industry, flour industry, fertilizer industry, and cement industry bags enterprises such as a pallet. The cost of the high palletizing machine is much lower than that small and medium-sized one.

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