Project Description

Furein Column Palletizers Installed In El Salvador

This is the El Salvador site of the Furein series of column palletizers, which Furein Machinery designed and installed for a wear-resistant flooring materials manufacturer in El Salvador.

This Salvadoran customer mainly produces various sizes of wear-resistant flooring materials and other products, which are packaged in bags. However, the previous palletizing was all done manually, which was inefficient and could not meet the increasing production demand. So the customer decided to purchase Furein's automated column palletizer after comparing several palletizer suppliers.

After comparing several palletizer machine suppliers, the customer finally chose Furein's column palletizer solution.

The column palletizer site details:


This automated column palletizer adopts an advanced 4-axis mechanical structure and pneumatic gripper, which can match the customer's product characteristics and achieve high speed and high-efficiency palletizing of 500-600 bags per hour. Meanwhile, the column palletizer has a compact structure and small footprint, which is very suitable for the El Salvador customer's plant layout.

The Salvadoran customer came to China to visit Furein's production workshop, as well as Furein's existing palletizer site and dry mortar production line. He saw the manufacturing process of the column palletizer and deepened his trust in Furein's products and technology. He said that Furein's column palletizers run with high efficiency and reasonable price, which can completely replace the manual labor of three or five workers. It is believed that after using the machine for a while, the return of the equipment can be realized through the saved labor cost.

Furein Machinery will continue to devote itself to the research and development and application of enterprise automation bag palletizer solutions, helping them to continuously improve quality and efficiency, and upgrade to the direction of intelligence.

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