Column Palletizer

  • Column palletizer is a kind of palletizer for palletizing goods to a high place.
  • The column palletizer adopts an advanced mechanical structure design with excellent stability and reliability.
  • Column palletizer is a kind of automatic packaging equipment mainly used for stacking and palletizing all types of loose materials, bags, boxes and other items according to preset rules and sequences.
  • It has the advantages of small footprint, high stacking height, high efficiency, etc. It is widely used in food and beverage, chemical, building materials, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Parameters & Classification for Column Palletizer

Column palletizers are generally categorized into: Column inflection arm palletizers and column straight arm palletizers.

Column inflection arm palletizers

Column straight arm palletizers
  • Dimension: 3000X3000x1000(mm)
  • Working capacity: 400-500 bags/hour
  • Power supply voltage: 380V,50HZ, support customization
  • Operating power: 10KW-15KW
  • Palletizing layers: 1-12 layers
  • Air supply pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Palletizing stations: 2 stations available
  • Palletizing type: 5 bags per layer stacking, 6 bags per layer stacking, 7 bags per layer stacking, 8 bags per layer stacking.

Column straight arm palletizers

Column inflection arm palletizers
  • Machine size: 3000X2800x2002(mm)
  • Working capacity: 400-500 packages/hour
  • Power supply voltage: 380V50HZ three-phase four-wire, support customization.
  • Operating power: 5KW-8KW
  • Palletizing layers: 1-12 layers
  • Air supply pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa
  • Palletizing station: 2 stations available
  • Palletizing type: 5 bags per layer stacking, 6 bags per layer stacking, 7 bags per layer stacking, 8 bags per layer stacking.

Key Parts of Column Palletizer

The column palletizer machine consists of base, waist joint, column, arm mechanism, wrist joint, and end-effector.

  1. Base: made of heavy-duty steel plate with strong load-bearing capacity. Above 700 -1000 diameters, 9 reinforcement design. Reserved 10 diameter 18mm high strength expansion wire fixing holes. Improve the support stiffness and contact stiffness, strong load-bearing capacity, and high fatigue resistance.
  2. Lumbar joint: driven by 2.3KW high-quality servo motor, with high precision and torque. Adopting a hollow shaft design, it can realize 330-degree rotation. Ensure that the lifting operation is smooth and the repetition positioning accuracy is as high as 0.5mm.
  3. Column: the main load-bearing parts, using seamless precision steel tube, made of 400 * 400 square tube material, thickness of 8mm thickness, high strength, to ensure that the arm span and center of gravity position are perfectly matched, the surface of the plastic spraying treatment, strong corrosion resistance. Driven by 3.1KW high load servo motor, to realize the purpose of remaining stable under high load conditions. Adopting ball screw transmission, the advantages of this transmission method are low friction, high transmission efficiency, no crawling, and high precision, but high cost and complex structure. The external slide rail design is adopted to link the arm part and the waist part more silky smooth.
  4. Arm mechanism: made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, lightweight and high strength. The big arm is driven by 0.75KW servo motor. Adopt high tenacity synchronization belt to transfer the motion between parallel axes. Transmission without sliding, transmission ratio is accurate, smooth transmission; speed ratio range; this transmission mechanism of the manufacturing and installation requirements are stringent, the material requirements of the belt is also higher, thus the cost is higher. The transmission with wrist joint adopts slide rail design, which reduces the energy consumption of the transmission between the small arm part and the wrist joint. 10*50 square tube channel steel plus 10mm carbon steel component plus 2 reinforcement bars design makes the whole arm rigidity better. Closed reducer, no maintenance, long service life, high precision movement.
  5. Wrist joint: It adopts 0.4KW servo motor with harmonic drive, which has high precision and torque.
  6. End actuator: according to different materials and use of the environment, the installation of the optimal matching gripper actuator, flexible and convenient operation, such as clamping jaws, suction cups, magnets, and so on.

How a Column Palletizer Works in a Dry Mortar Production Line

1. Bag Delivery and Detection:

  • Bags of dry mortar mix are transported through the logistics system and automatically packaged and sealed.
  • They travel along a conveyor belt to a designated location where a column palletizer awaits.
  • The palletizer uses sensors to detect the arrival of each bag.

2. Bag Grabbing and Positioning:

  • Upon detecting a bag, the palletizer executes a pre-programmed sequence.
  • A robotic fixture on the Z-axis (vertical movement) descends towards the bag.
  • Once the fixture reaches the bag, a signal is sent, and the fixture clamps the bag at the appropriate height.
  • The Z-axis movement stops, and the fixture opens briefly to securely grip the bag.

3. Bag Lifting and Stacking:

  • The Z-axis servo motor reverses direction and lifts the fixture with the clamped bag to a safe height.
  • The palletizer then uses its horizontal movement capabilities (X and Y axes) to position the bag over the designated stacking location on the pallet.
  • The Z-axis descends again, lowering the bag to the exact placement point.

4. Bag Release and Cycle Repeat:

  • At the designated stacking position, the fixture opens, releasing the bag onto the pallet according to the programmed stacking pattern.
  • This process is repeated for each bag until a pallet is full.

5. Pallet Completion and Replacement:

  • Once a pallet is full, an alarm sounds to notify the operator.
  • A forklift removes the complete pallet and replaces it with an empty one.
  • The column palletizer automatically resumes operation, repeating the bag handling and stacking process for the new pallet.
  • Overall, the column palletizer automates the palletizing process in the dry mortar production line, improving efficiency and reducing manual labor requirements.

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