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Due to the limitation of the height of your plant, engineers will design the configuration of the dry mix mortar production line according to your plant height. If your capacity is more than 30t/h, we will recommend that you use double mixer machine production lines.

The control system directly determines the degree of automation of the whole production line, and controls the normal operation of each part through sensors.

This case was installed by our engineer. Of course, if you choose to install it yourself, we will prepare the installation video and manual for you.

Here is a brief talk about the types of main sensors:

Weighing sensor: used to measure the weight of the mixture, with an accuracy of 99.8%;
Sensors are installed above and below the cement silo to monitor the storage of materials at any time.
Position sensor: the photoelectric sensor is used to detect the opening and closing state of each valve port.

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150,000 tons per year




Double 3 cubic metres

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