Real stone paint mixer

  • The spiral belt paddle turns over and pushes the materials to mix them thoroughly in the container, suitable for mixing high-viscosity materials and powders.
  • The stirring speed is fast, the mixing effect is good, and mixing uniformity reaches more than 95% in 10--15 minutes.
  • The barrel is made of 304 stainless steel, the inner and outer spiral belts are arranged interlaced, the bearings and mixing blades are made of 304 manganese steel casting material, the paddles are mirror-polished, easy to clean, and have a long service life.
  • The rubber scraper added to the outer spiral belt realizes the mixing, wall scraping, and bottom scraping simultaneously, which increases the mixing uniformity of the material of the real stone paint, and the residual amount of the discharged material is small.
  • This machine adopts an electric turning design based on a traditional real stone paint mixer, which is convenient for releasing and cleaning the finished products after mixing.
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Real stone paint mixer

What is a real stone paint mixer?

A real stone paint mixer is a tool or machine used to mix real stone paint. Real stone paint is a type of decorative paint that contains natural stone powder or granules, giving it a unique texture and appearance similar to real stone. The paint mixer is designed to thoroughly mix the stone particles with the paint base, ensuring a consistent and uniform distribution of the stone particles throughout the paint. This ensures an even application and a desired texture when applying the real stone paint onto surfaces such as walls or furniture.

Scope of application of real stone paint mixer

Real stone paint mixers can be mainly used to produce real stone paint, texture coating, diatom mud, pure silicon paint, rock chip paint, relief paint, exterior oil-based all-weather paint, paste putty, and other materials.

Working principle:

According to the proportion of the formula, put the raw materials into the real stone paint mixer in order. The materials are mixed under the push of the ribbon spiral blades; the outer spiral belt pushes the materials from one end to the other, while the inner spiral belt moves the materials in the opposite direction. The inner material is pushed to one side and then rolls from the inside out, while the outer material is pushed to the other side and then rolls from the outside. During convection, the two material streams penetrate each other and change their positions to mix. Finally, the homogeneously mixed material is discharged through the discharge gate.

Technical Parameters of Real Stone Paint Mixer

Type Overall Sizes Power Rotate Speed Capacity
FU-1 2200*900*1700mm 5.5kw 28-30r/min 1 ton per batch
FU-2 2600*1300*2100mm 7.5kw 28-30r/min 2 tons per batch
FU-3 3000*1300*2100mm 11kw 28-30r/min 3 tons per batch
FU-5 3900*1400*2200mm 18.5kw 28-30r/min 5 tons per batch
FU-10 4400*1700*2700mm 22kw 28-30r/min 10 tons per batch
FU-15 5200*1700*2700mm 30kw 28-30r/min 15 tons per batch
FU-20 6300*1900*2600mm 37kw 28-30r/min 20 tons per batch
FU-30 6500*2300*3200mm 45kw 28-30r/min 30 tons per batch

Note: All parameters are for reference; for accurate and detailed parameters, please contact us.

Features of real stone paint mixer

The Real Stone Paint Mixer is a tool used for mixing real stone paint, which is a type of decorative paint that mimics the appearance and texture of natural stone. The features of the Real Stone Paint Mixer include:

1. Efficient mixing: The mixer is designed to thoroughly mix the real stone paint, ensuring a consistent texture and color throughout the mixture.

2. Easy to use: The mixer is user-friendly and can be operated by individuals with minimal training or experience. It simplifies the process of mixing the real stone paint.

3. Time-saving: By using the Real Stone Paint Mixer, the mixing time is significantly reduced compared to manual mixing methods. This allows for faster completion of projects.

4. Improved paint quality: The mixer ensures that the pigments and additives in the real stone paint are evenly distributed, resulting in a higher quality finish and improved durability.

5. Versatility: The Real Stone Paint Mixer is compatible with various types of real stone paint, giving users the flexibility to work with different brands and formulations.

6. Cost-effective: By using the mixer, there is less wastage of paint, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Overall, the Real Stone Paint Mixer provides a convenient and efficient solution for mixing real stone paint, enabling users to achieve professional-looking results in their decorative projects. If you want to know more, such as ribbon mixers, plough mixers, we are the manufacturer of mixers, welcome to inquire.

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