Sand dryer for sale South Africa, This is a sand drying equipment to be shipped to South Africa, the output can reach 8T /h, Furein customize different capacity, it with more than 30 drying rooms, unique internal design, can help you save more, it covers a small area, high energy, is the ideal sand dryer machine. It is also the best partner for dry mortar equipment.

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How long does it take for the sand dryer machine to be shipped from China to South Africa and how much does it cost?

East Africa line (sea transport to Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, and many other countries), although Africa is far away, it takes about 25 days to reach the port.

Of course, this is the ideal shipping time, once there are other factors, the specific time will become uncertain, such as customs inspection, missing customs clearance documents, weather, ship emergencies, etc., which may affect the shipping time.

sand dryer for sale south africa

Sand drying plant is shipping to south africa.

What is the freight of the sand dryer for sale to South Africa?

This also has to look at the sand drying plant model, the size of the volume directly determines the sea freight.

From Qingdao to South Africa by sea, you can go to COSCO, EMC, HPL, MSC, ONE, and other shipping companies, and the voyage is about 14-38 days. Express to South Africa can also choose DHL, FEDEX, and other international express channels, the effectiveness of about 2-7 days.

About South Africa

The Republic of South Africa, located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is the second-largest economy in Africa. Its citizens enjoy a high standard of living and its economy is relatively stable compared with other African countries.

The industrial system is the most perfect in Africa, the deep well mining technology is in the forefront of the world, and mineral resources are the main source of South Africa’s economy.

Mining, manufacturing, agriculture and services are the four pillars of the economy, and deep-well mining and other technologies are leading the world.

South Africa is the world’s largest gold producer and exporter, but platinum group metals have gradually replaced gold as the main export mineral due to the fall in gold prices on the international market.

South Africa is also the world’s leading diamond producer, accounting for about 8.7% of the world’s output.

South Africa’s main exports are gold, metals and metal products, diamonds, food, beverages and tobacco, machinery and transport equipment, and other manufactured goods.

Main imports of machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products, oil, and so on.

What documents does the frac sand dryer need to send to South Africa?

Import documents:

  • Commercial invoice;
  •  Certificate of origin;
  • Health and Animal and Plant Quarantine certificate;
  • Steel and semi-finished products need 1 component analysis certificate;
  • Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, feedstuffs, pesticides and standby drugs, narcotic drugs, and prepared medicines should be registered in South Africa;
  • Other goods in the restricted form column, need to apply for a DA59 certificate of origin.

Import tax rate:

Import duty is levied on the fob value of the goods in the exporting country.

Import tariff rates are as follows:

0 to 10 percent for primary and semi-primary products;

Production equipment is 0% to 10%;

10% to 15% for various parts;

15 to 30 percent for consumer goods.

The tax:

Imports are subject to VAT of 14 percent, except food (including rice, vegetables, fruit, milk, brown wheat flour, eggs, and pulses, but excluding meat, fish, and white bread).

The following products are subject to excise duty: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, mineral water, certain petroleum products, automobiles, office machinery, films, and luxury consumer goods such as cosmetics, household leisure items, and motorcycles.

Imports prohibited by South Africa:

  • Dangerous goods.
  • Plants.
  • Poultry.
  • Perishable goods.

In addition, note that: The South African Tariff and Trade Commission has initiated an anti-dumping investigation against non-steel hollowware exported from Hong Kong and mainland China.

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