Screw Sand Washing Machine

Screw sand washing machine is also called spiral sand washing machine.

Due to the different number of spirals inside, it can be divided into single screw sand washing machines and double screw sand washing machines.

It is mainly used to remove dirt, dust, and other impurities in sand and stone.

Single Screw Sand Washing Machine

  • Large amount of cleaning, sewage can be recycled.
  • The screw sand washing machine has high cleaning degree and less loss.
  • The materials cleaned by the spiral sand washing machine can meet the requirements of high-grade materials;

Double Screw Sand Washing Machine

double spiral sand washer

The rotating part of the screw sand washing machine is isolated from water and sand, and its wear and failure rate is greatly reduced, and its service life is long.

The double screw sand washing machine has a simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, and maintenance.

Working Principle of Screw Sand Washing Machine

Screw sand washing machine is generally tilted when installation, when it is working, the motor under the action of spiral, sand and gravel from the feed channel into the cleaning tank, under the drive of the screw and collide each other, and then remove impurities.

To facilitate dehydration, sand and gravel in the screw drive and under the action of its own gravity, Moving from high to low, clean sand and stone enter the discharge trough from the rotation to complete the cleaning effect of sand and stone.

Composition of Screw Sand Washing Machine

Screw sand washing machine is mainly composed of sand washing tank, spiral, movable device, lifting, and upper and lower bearing.

1. Sand washing tank: steel plate steel welding structure, the bottom is semicircular, the upper end of the sand opening, the lower end is closed, forming a pulp pool.

2. Spiral: hollow shaft, bracket, blade, iron lining, etc. The screw blade is made of wear-resistant cast iron, easy to replace after wear.

3. Transmission device: by motor, belt transmission, reducer, etc., to drive the screw, in order to adapt to different working conditions, the screw speed should be adjustable.

4. Lifting device: the small screw sand washing machine adopts spiral manual lifting, and the large one adopts electric lifting. When it is started, suddenly stopped, or repaired, the driving lifting device can lift the lower end of the spiral.

5. The lower bearing: the flange is connected with the hollow shaft, the lower bearing is immersed in the pulp for a long time, so the bearing should have good sealing.

Screw sand washing machine sand loss, how to improve?

1. Reduce water consumption appropriately.

When the content of fine sand in raw materials is large, the water consumption should be reduced in time.

2. The location of the feeding port should be installed in the front one meter of the tail, which is convenient for the buffer after the slide of raw materials and can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand.

3. Sewage outlet location.

As far as possible, choose to install in the opposite position of the discharge or the gentle flow of water.

Why is the output of your screw sand washing machine low?

1. The installation height is too large, the standard installation height is one-third of the sand discharge height, too large easy to cause small output, wear and tear.

2. Feeding method is not reasonable, feeding should be taken continuously and uniform feeding, not indirect feeding.

3. The speed is too slow, the standard speed as 18-22 RPM. Low rotational speed directly leads to reduced output.

In general, the spiral sand washing machine has many advantages, but only by scientific use can it give full play to its maximum value.

Why doesn’t your sand wash clean?

1. The amount of water is too small, the proportion of standard water consumption for treatment is half, water consumption is too low, easy to lead to incomplete cleaning.

2. The installation height is too low. The conventional installation height is more than 17 degrees, which is too low to easily lead to weak cleaning strength.

3. The speed is too fast, the standard speed is 18-22 RPM. Too fast easy to cause cleaning, not in place.

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