Sand Washing Plant

Sand Washing Plant Process

  1. The material is primarily crushed by jaw crusher and then entered into medium crushing (shaping) machine for secondary crushing;
  2. The crushed stone through the screening equipment;
  3. Those materials that meet the requirements shall enter the sand making machine for sand making, and that do not meet the requirements shall return to the crushing equipment for secondary crushing;
  4. After sand maker, the stone material passes the vibrating screen again, and the qualified ones enter the sand washing equipment for washing and selection, and the unqualified ones return to the sand-making machine for re-sand making and processing.

Sand Washing Plant Process

Primary crushing equipment: large stone coarse crushing, often choose jaw crusher, hammer crusher.

Medium and fine crushing equipment: two shapings & crushing, often choose impact crusher, cone crusher, etc.

Sand making equipment: fine sand making machine, often choose double rotor sand making machine, impact sand making machine, etc.

Screening equipment: screening out different specifications of sand and stone, often choose circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen, etc.

Sand washing equipment: sand washing machine, stone cleaning equipment, improve material utilization rate, save resources, green environmental protection.

Types of Sand Washing Machine

The most common sand washing machines are spiral sand washing machine and wheel sand washing machine.

Wheel sand washing machine: According to your production needs, wheel sand washing machine has a single wheel and double wheel ones, which is used to deal with river sand, artificial sand, and other fine-grained materials.


Wheel Sand Washing Machine

Spiral sand washing machine: the sand making machine with relatively high output can deal with river sand and artificial sand less than 30mm. Compared with the wheel sand washing machine, it covers a large area and has high efficiency.


Screw Sand Washing Machine

The difference between screw sand washing machines and the wheel sand washing machine

Both are sand washing equipment, and both have different appearances and working principles.

The spiral sand washing machine is long and narrow and adopts a bedroom structure.

Wheel sand washing machine has a simple structure and fewer wearing parts. In the sand washing process, the wheel sand washing machine consumes less water, and the loss of fine sand and stone powder is small, while the spiral sand washing machine has a more powerful cleaning capacity, and the sand washed out is cleaner.

From the sand washing machine price point of view, the wheel sand washing machine is cheaper and the running cost is low.

Spiral sand washing machine belongs to the type of sand washing plant with large output.

Sand Washing Plant Price

Artificial sand has become the main sand in the market. In order to ensure the quality of artificial sand, sand washing machine is an essential tool.

As we all know, artificial sand is formed by a rock after crushing and sand-making, and there are many impurities and dust in it.

The sand washing plant price in the market is $1000~$10,000, the price varies from high to low, mainly affected by manufacturers, models, sales and other factors:

Sand Washing Plant Manufacturers

There are more sand washing plant manufacturers in the market. The cost of materials, labor costs, manufacturing costs, and the sand washing plant quotation is different. And there are no middlemen to make the difference. We are the factory.

Types of Sand Washing Plants

The production capacity of a sand washing plant can reach 15-260t/h. The required output is different, the selected model is different, and the price is different.


Sand Washing Plant Video

After washing and screening, the sand can be used in construction, highway, railway, water conservancy, bridges, and other industrial fields. Has irreplaceable important value.

How to build an environmental protection sand washing plant?

Environmental friendly sand washing plant is to solve the main pollution problems, like dust, noise, sewage pollution, and so on.

  1. Choose environmental protection sand washer with strong sealing performance, control dust leakage from the root, and then equipped with dust collector, closed conveyor belt, environmental protection effect is more significant.
  2. Noise control pollution: equipped with noise reduction radio device, can build closed workshop, block noise transmission, control pollution.
  3. Net sewage pollution: the construction of a sedimentation tank to precipitate sand washing wastewater, recycle water resources, precipitation sludge, waste soil, etc., can be reused.