This article will tell you what is thermoplastic road marking paint, the types and how to make thermoplastic road marking paint. Let's get started.

What Is Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint?

Thermoplastic road marking paint is a powder coating, also known as hot melt marking paint. It could serve as a road safety marker and even save lives. It is a thermoplastic made of glass beads, pigments and other additives.

Thermoplastic road marking is used by heating it to 200 °C using a road marking machine to melt it into a liquid and then applying it where required.

Heat marking coating is powdery at room temperature, and there is no volatile solvent component in its composition. It is melted by heating during construction and then coated on the ground by a machine and solidified into a film by physical cooling.

In this day and age, traffic marking paint has become invaluable for pedestrian and vehicle safety, assisting at all times of life. Thermoplastic pavement markings can be manufactured in any colour.

Thermoplastic road marking paint

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Application

Hot-melt reflective marking coating is mainly used for highways and highways above 2 levels, marking thickness of 1.0mm ~ 2.5mm, coating mixed with reflective glass beads, and in marking construction, reflective glass beads on the surface.

In addition, road marking paint can also be applied to:

  • Highway marking
  • Road marking
  • Road marking
  • Parking lot sign
  • Fire and emergency access signs

Types of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic road marking paint is generally divided into cold and hot coated thermoplastic coatings.

Thermoplastic road marking paint is mainly used in places where the line performance is required to be high, and the reflective effect is required to be strong. High requirements for skid resistance and high wear resistance.

Cold marking paint line is mainly used in road marking, parking lots and other living areas, familiar road yellow lines, guidelines, etc.

How To Make Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint?

How To Mass Produce Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint?

First, you need thermoplastic road marking paint formulations.

Notes: Thermoplastic road marking paint formulations are different due to the differences in climate in each region. Here is a thermoplastic road marking paint formulation which applies to most customers in China. If you need a reference, please leave a message, and I will send it to you. Give you a PDF document for your reference.

Second, the thermoplastic road marking paint production line, it can help you complete mass production of road marking paint.

How To Make Thermoplastic Paint Making For Test?

If you currently doing a research on this thermoplastic paint making. This video will show you how to make it.

We are thermoplastic road marking paint production line manufacturer. If you want to know more details about thermoplastic road marking paint making process, you can contact us and we will send you more PDF documents for your reference.