What is tile adhesive mortar?

Tile adhesive is a kind of special cement that is used to make the surface of tiles stick together, which are mixed with water to create a sticky substance that can be used to glue tiles together. It is an ideal bonding material. Tile adhesive helps hold the tiles in place for long periods of time, increasing the durability of your tile.

Tile adhesive mixing ratio

The main components of tile adhesive are cement, sand and water. The ratio for making tile adhesive cement is usually 1:1:2. To make it easier to work with, you can use an adhesive mixing machine to mix that’s easy to spread onto your tiles.

The main functions of tile adhesive include:

  • Easy to use: It can be applied directly on the surface of ceramic tiles with a brush or roller after diluting with water according to the specified proportion;
  • High bonding strength: After drying, it can achieve a strong bond between two surfaces;
  • Excellent waterproof performance: It can effectively prevent liquids from penetrating through;
  • Good ageing resistance: The aged products still have good adhesion after ageing for 30 days at 40℃;

Tile adhesive formulation

Tile adhesive is made of natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber latex and various additives such as accelerator, retarder and curing agent etc., which are mixed together according to different formulas by kneading machines. The finished product looks white or greyish white with some impurities in it.

Tile adhesives are formulated with a mixture of resins, polymers, fillers, thickeners and water. The resin content of the tile adhesive determines the degree of flexibility and elasticity of the adhesive. Adhesives with higher resin content tend to be less flexible than those with lower resin content. Ceramic tile manufacturers use various types of resins based on the type of tiles being installed, as well as on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity in which they will be used.

How to Make Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive is often used for fixing tiles on the floor and wall. It is a kind of mortar with good adhesion and is easy to apply. You can make your tile adhesive at home, but it is difficult to control the quality or get the right proportion of materials.

Most people prefer to buy ready-made tile glue from stores if you make tile adhesive in small batches. Add a certain amount of water and stir evenly according to your formula.

How to make tile adhesive in large quantities?

If you want to sell tile adhesive mortar, we need a set of equipment; it is best to automate tile adhesive production. This is a tile adhesive making machine, or you can call it a tile adhesive manufacturing plant.
1. Prepare the required raw materials; it is best to store them in the warehouse, such as cement and put them in the cement silo.
2. Use the screw conveyor or elevator to transport the raw material to the weighing system.
3. The weighing system will weigh according to the set ratio and put it into the mixer.
4. After the mixer mixes evenly, it is transported to the finished product warehouse.
5. Use a fully automatic packaging machine to pack the mixed tile adhesive into bags.
6. Tile adhesives in bags can be used directly by adding water.


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