Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer VS Single Pass Rotary Dryer

Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer
Single Pass Rotary Dryer

Similarities between the triple pass rotary drum dryer and single pass rotary dryer:

Let's take drying sand as an example, say the same points of triple pass rotary drum dryer and single pass rotary dryer:

  1. Both can convert wet sand into a dry state. Whether a triple pass rotary drum dryer or a single pass rotary dryer, both realize the drying effect by contacting the sand with hot air and discharging the moisture.
  2. Both have an easy-to-use operating system. Both triple-pass and single-pass rotary drum dryers have easy-to-use control systems that adjust parameters such as dryer temperature, speed, and feed volume.
  3. The heat source of both dryers can be diversified, including coal, diesel as fuel, or biomass pellets as fuel.
  4. Both can dry various materials, such as fly ash, sludge, sand, etc.

Differences between triple pass rotary drum dryers and single pass rotary dryers:

The differences between triple-pass rotary drum dryers and single-pass rotary dryers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Design structure:

  • Single pass rotary dryer: simple cylinder structure; the sand only needs to pass through one cylinder for drying.
  • Triple pass rotary drum dryer: The triple pass drum dryer consists of three independent hot air cylinders, which surround each other to form a ring structure. The sand passes through the three cylinders in turn, which makes the drying time longer and the effect better.

Drying effect:

  • Single pass rotary dryer: Since there is only one cylinder, the drying time is relatively short, and it may not be able to fully dry the moisture in the sand, resulting in a poor drying effect.
  • Triple pass drum dryer: through the continuous drying process of three cylinders, the sand can be better heat-treated, and the moisture can be removed qucikly to reach the ideal drying degree.

Floor space:

  • Single pass rotary dryer: simple structure to fully dry the material; its cylinder is generally longer and covers a relatively large area.
  • 3 pass rotary dryer: three different diameters of the cylinder nested into, the floor area of the traditional dryer can be reduced by about 50%.

Drying materials

  • Single pass rotary dryer is suitable for drying specific materials, such as wood chips, grains, alcohol, etc.
  • 3 pass rotary dryer is ideal for all kinds of sand and sludge material drying, with higher efficiency.

Price of the dryer

According to user feedback, the equipment price is slightly higher for the triple pass rotary drum dryer than a single dryer production output to easily adjust the final moisture index.

Investment in installation

Triple pass rotary drum dryer than a single pass rotary dryer to reduce the footprint by about 50%, civil investment by 50%, and power consumption by 60%, in favor of saving investment.

Triple pass rotary drum dryer vs single pass rotary dryer, how to choose?

When deciding between a triple-pass rotary drum dryer and a single-pass rotary dryer, there are a few factors that you should consider:

Drying requirements:

Triple-pass dryers are generally more efficient and effective at drying materials than single-pass dryers. They have longer drying paths, which allow for better drying performance. A triple-pass dryer may be the better option to achieve a lower moisture content or a faster drying time.


Both can dry sludge, sand, fly ash, wood chips, grain, feces, soybean residue, and so on, but the triple pass rotary drum dryer dries sludge, sand, fly ash, and so on with a better effect. You can choose a single pass rotary dryer if your material is wood chips, grain, feces, etc. Please contact the dryer manufacturer if you don't know how to choose.

Floor space:

A single pass rotary dryer requires more space than a triple pass dryer. If space is limited, a three-tier dryer may meet your needs.


Your budget can also play a role in decision-making. Triple-pass dryers are typically more expensive than single-pass dryers. Assess your available budget and consider the long-term benefits and cost savings before deciding.

Choosing between a triple-pass rotary drum dryer and a single-pass rotary dryer depends on your requirements, material characteristics, available space, and budget. It is advisable to consult with a dryer manufacturer or expert to determine the most suitable option for your application.

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