Single pass rotary dryer

single pass rotary dryer
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What is a single pass rotary dryer?

The single pass rotary dryer is a commonly used equipment for drying materials. Also called a long rotary dryer, its working principle is to heat and dry the wet materials through the rotating cylinder. During the drying process, the hot airflow inside the cylinder can take away the moisture to realize the fast and even drying effect. The fuel can be chosen by yourself, such as gas, diesel, electricity, biomass pellets, and so on. This kind of dryer is commonly used to dry ore, sand, wood, chemical raw materials, etc.

How does a single pass rotary dryer work?

Single pass rotary dryer is a kind of equipment used for drying materials and particles, usually consisting of a motor, reducer, cylinder, fan, and heating source.
The working principle of a single-pass rotary dryer is that the wet material is sent to the feeding port by a belt conveyor or bucket elevator. The cylinder of the single-pass rotary dryer is designed with a particular inclination angle when it is installed so that the material of the cylinder can move slowly to the discharge port under the action of gravity; at the same time, there is a lifting plate on the inner wall of the cylinder, whose function is to copy the material up and throw it down so that the contact surface of the material and the airflow increases to improve the drying rate and promote the advancement of the material. After the dryer, the material flows into the belt conveyor and is transported to where needed. In addition, reducing dust emissions requires a dust collector to collect the dust carried in the gas.

Advantages of the single pass rotary dryer

  1. The single pass rotary dryer has the following advantages:
  2. Good drying effect: the continuous tumbling of the material in the cylinder makes the drying process more adequate and can quickly and evenly discharge the moisture from the material.
  3. Simple operation: the equipment operation is relatively simple; you only need to set the appropriate parameters, and you can carry out the automatic drying process.
  4. Wide applications: it can be applied to dry various granular materials, such as sand, ore, chemical raw materials, etc.
  5. Small occupation space: compared with other drying equipment, single return rotary dryer is smaller and occupies a relatively small area.

Parameters of Single pass rotary dryer

The single-pass rotary dryer model is usually named by the diameter and length of its cylinder. For example, 1.2×10 means this dryer cylinder diameter is 1200mm cylinder length is 10000mm.

Small single-pass rotary dryer

Single drum dryer, the smaller models are 1.2 × 8.0 and 1.2 × 10.

  • 1.2 × 8.0 models of single pass rotary dryer, cylinder volume of 9.0m3, the production capacity of 1.9-2.4 tons per hour, the installation of the slope of 3-5 °, the inlet temperature is maintained at 700-800 ° C, the main motor 7.5kw, the total weight of 9 tons.
  • 1.2×10 model single pass rotary dryer, the cylinder volume is 11.3m3, the production capacity is 2.4-3.0 tons, the installation inclination is 3-5°, the intake temperature is 700-800°C, the main motor is 7.5kw, the total weight is 11 tons.

Large single-pass rotary dryer

Among the single-pass rotary dryers, the larger models are 3.2×25 and 3.6×28.

  • 3.2×25 single cylinder dryer: cylinder volume 201m3, the production capacity of 42.9-53.6 tons per hour, the main motor power of 90kw, the total weight of 110 tons.
  • 3.6×28 model single cylinder dryer: cylinder volume 285m3, the production capacity of 60.8-76.0 tons per hour, the main motor power 160kw, total weight 135 tons.

Price of single pass rotary dryer

Single pass rotary dryer is a common type of industrial drying equipment for drying various materials, including but not limited to sand, ores, feedstuffs, chemical feedstocks, and more.

The price of a single pass rotary dryer varies depending on the size, configuration, and manufacturer. It is customizable, with options to provide the most suitable drying solution for different needs.

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