What is vertical cement silo?

Furein's vertical cement silo is a three-dimensional, closed container for storing materials. It is suitable for storing cement, fly ash, bentonite, barite and other bulk materials, has welded and bolted silo bodies, equipped with a material level system that displays the position and quantity of materials. The bottom of the silo is conical, connected screw conveying pump can convey material to different positions. The legs can be welded below the cement silo and its height can be designed according to your needs. We offer all kinds of customized services, mainly silo types: horizontal silo and vertical silo.

vertical-cement-silo for silo

Bolted Vertical Cement Silo For Sale

What are the components of the vertical cement silo?

  • Tank
  • Steel Structure
  • Ladder
  • Guardrail
  • Feeding Tube
  • Dust Collector
  • Top Cone
  • Lower Cone
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Cement silo level indicator
  • Discharge Valve, Etc.

In addition, the vertical silo dust collector is generally composed of a vibration motor, a bracket, a rain cap, an upper cylinder box, a connecting clip, a sealed cylinder box, a protective net, a welding flange, an electrical box, a vibration box, and a filter element.

The upper cone of the cement silo is equipped with an electric dust removal device, mainly to reduce the pollution to the finishing environment;

The lower cone is equipped with an air-blowing arch-breaking device, mainly to avoid powder accumulation and cause blockage.

Vertical cement silos can also be customized to meet your needs.

Vertical cement silo sizes

The size of the cement silo is listed in the table below, which is the output of bolted vertical cement silo; we support custom bolted cement silos, vertical cement silos, and horizontal cement silos. The cement silos produced by Furein are generally 30-500tons, and the best-selling ones are 50ton, 100ton, 150ton, and 200ton bolted vertical cement silos.

Models 30T 50T 80T 100T 120T 150T 200T 300T
Tank diameter 2.5m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3.2m 4.5m 4.5m
Tank height 4.8m 5.4m 7.5m 9m 10.5m 12.8m 18.6m 24.6m
The total height of tank 8.5m 8m 10m 11.5m 13m 15.6m 23m 29.5m

How about vertical cement silo price?

In the production of vertical cement silo, the production process of each manufacturer is different, and there are many aspects involved in the production process.

1. The size of vertical cement silo is also different, and the vertical cement silo price is also different. The larger the volume, the more expensive the price. The size of each silo is different according to its height and diameter, so the cost of vertical cement silo will increase or decrease.

Vertical cement silo price list

Here is a brief price list of vertical cement silo, hope it will be helpful to you.

  • 30 ton vertical cement silo, detachable type, Fob price about $4500 per set.
  • 50 ton bolted cement silo, the price about $5000 per set.
  • 60 ton bolted cement silo, it price about $5500 per set.

If you need more accurate price and detailed configuration, please leave a message.

2. The price of vertical cement silo is directly related to the use of raw materials. Some cement silo manufacturers use steel, the thicker the steel plate, the more expensive the silo is. And some manufacturers use reinforced concrete as the base material, which will definitely affect its price (quality material is more expensive than poor quality material).

3. The welding method of vertical cement silo is different, and the cost of cement silo will be different. If the whole cement silo welded manually is compared with the sheet cement silo fixed with bolts, the price of the bolted cement silo will be slightly higher.

4. The transportation cost of vertical cement silo also needs to be taken into account. In case of long-distance transportation, the transportation of bolted cement silo will be more space-saving and the freight cost will be lower.

5. Choice of dust collector. Electric dust collector is more expensive than manual dust collector.

Vertical cement storage silo plays a pivotal role in the operation of concrete mixing plant and dry mortar plant.

Application for cement silos

Cement silos usually support concrete batching plants or dry mortar production plants.
The cement silo is suitable for the storage silo for bulk cement in engineering construction, road and bridge water conservancy projects, urban construction, and other projects. Generally, there are 50t, 100t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t, and other specifications. It can also be made according to the size required by the user.

The vertical cement silo has been widely used in cement plant materials storage and transportation. The bolted cement silo is safer and more compact and suitable for long-distance transport.

What is the material used for cement silos? How many years will it last?

  1. Material: cement silo is usually made of carbon steel welded. Cement silo is widely used because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost. Cement silos have excellent durability and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Service life: The service life of a cement silo may vary depending on factors such as the quality of construction, materials used, and routine maintenance. Well-maintained cement silos can last decades, providing a long-term storage solution for cement and other bulk materials.

How to install a cement silo?

  1. Utilize the provided cement silo manual and installation video: We will ensure you have access to a detailed manual and instructional video to guide you through the installation process. By following the step-by-step instructions in the manual and video, you can install the cement silo successfully.
  2. Seek professional assistance: If you find installing the cement silo on your own challenging, you can consider hiring a professional installer or seeking help from our team. We can arrange for experienced installers to visit your location and guide you through installation. They will ensure that the cement silo is appropriately set up and operational.

Following these installation methods, you can successfully install a cement silo and begin utilizing it for your specific needs.

How advantage of vertical siloes can help you?

The cement silo plays an essential role in the dry mortar production line, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The airtightness of the cement silo is good. Because the steel silo adopts special equipment for bending and biting, and the quality of any part of the silo body can be ensured in terms of technology, its sealing is excellent.

2. A manual unloading valve is installed at the bottom of the vertical cement silo. If the conveying device fails when conveying cement, the manual unloading valve can be closed first to prevent cement leakage and to cause cement waste.

3. Cement silos can be customized, and the cost of different cement silos is additional. Customized service can save more for your cement silo.

4. The occupied land area is relatively small, light, and easy to manage.

5. Vertical ement silo has a wide range of uses and has been extended to many fields such as food, chemical industry, coal, etc., and can be used to store various bulk materials.

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