The ultrasonic valve bag packer also called an ultrasonic valve bag packing machine, is a device that uses ultrasonic technology for packaging and sealing. Ultrasonic is a sound wave with a frequency higher than what the human ear can hear, and its frequency range is generally above 20kHz, it is one of the 6 currently popular packaging machines.

How does an ultrasonic valve bag packer work?

  1. The materials are put into the packaging bag.
  2. The ultrasonic generator produces ultrasonic waves, which are transmitted to the bag through an ultrasonic transducer.
  3. Ultrasonic waves produce thermal and mechanical effects on the packaging bag, causing the two layers of materials in the packaging bag to fuse to form a sealed package.

Working principle of ultrasonic valve bag packer:

  • The working principle of the ultrasonic valve bag packer is to use the high-frequency vibration generated by conducted ultrasonic waves to seal and bond the plastic film through heat sealing.
  • Specifically, the ultrasonic valve bag packer is equipped with an ultrasonic oscillator, generating high-frequency (usually 20kHz) ultrasonic vibration. When the oscillator touches the thermoplastic packaging material, the ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to the material and generate a small amount of heat.
  • Due to the presence of hot-melt materials, the vibration of ultrasonic waves can cause friction and intertwining of material molecules, thereby generating heat near the contact point. These tiny amounts of heat will quickly melt the material and firmly bond the two layers of plastic film together in the molten state to form a seal.

Advantages of ultrasonic valve bag packer:

Ultrasonic valve bag packer has the following advantages:

  • The packaging speed is fast, reaching more than 100 packages/minute.
  • High packaging accuracy, up to ±0.5%.
  • The packaging is well-sealed to prevent material leakage.
  • Low packaging cost.

What are the characteristics of ultrasonic?

An ultrasonic valve bag packer is a device that utilizes the energy of ultrasonic waves for packaging. Ultrasonic waves have the following characteristics:

  • Strong penetration: ultrasonic waves can penetrate solids, liquids and gases.
  • Thermal effect: ultrasonic waves generate heat in the process of propagation.
  • Mechanical effect: ultrasonic waves can make solid vibration and deformation.

In conclusion

In conclusion, compared with the traditional heat sealing technology, ultrasonic valve bag packer has many advantages, such as no need to use hot melt, fast sealing speed, and the ability to close packages of more complex shapes. Therefore, ultrasonic valve bag packer is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries in the packaging sealing process.