Ever spent an afternoon wrestling with dusty bags of mortar, fighting to fill them evenly and efficiently? Your back aches, the air is thick with concrete dust, and you dream of a world where mortar magically packages itself. Well, wake up from that dusty dream, because the future of mortar packing is here! Dive into this guide to 6 Dry Mortar Packing Machines that will transform your business from a manual slog to a smooth, automated operation. We'll unpack the features, benefits, and ideal applications of each dry morat packing machine, so you can find the perfect match for your mortar masterpiece production. Get ready to say goodbye to sore muscles and hello to a dust-free, profit-boosting future!

Ultrasonic Valve Bag Packing Machine

Ultrasonic Valve Bag Packing Machine
Packing speeding 4-5bags/min
Power 200w
Supply voltage customizable
Packing bag: valve bags
Control mode PLC+high precision weighing

Working Principle

Ultrasonic valve bag packing machine using low-pressure airflow will be above the uniform level of material transported to the valve pocket, by adjusting the size of the discharge port on the clip valve to control the amount of material fast and slow.

Packaging range

All powders and aggregate (5mm) mixtures with moisture content below 5% can be automatically quantitatively packaged. For example: industrial micro-powder products, powder pigments, powdered chemical products, flour and food additives, and all varieties of ready-mixed dry mortar (special mortar).


  • Valve bags: filled bags are sealed before loading and unloading to prevent contamination.
  • Accurate bag weights: sealed bags do not leak when transferred, stacked or transported and are efficiently sealed to prevent product contamination.
  • Durable: PLC controlled, hardware designed for dusty environments. Small size, small footprint.
  • Filling nozzle can be equipped with double-layer nozzle with jacket to improve filling precision.
  • The feeding end is equipped with a pressure-maintaining bin with a pneumatic butterfly valve or pneumatic valve at the top, which ensures the filling rate of the pressure bin and improves the reliability of the dosing accuracy.
  • The valve bag packing machine comes with built-in dust collector to reduce environmental dust, which is favorable to the protection of operators and the environment.
  • Fast packing speed and stable precision.
  • It is especially suitable for dry mortar (putty powder) packaging.

Optional accessories

Impeller valve bag filler

Impeller valve bag filler
Machine size 1100*670*1030mm
Supply voltage AC380V, 50Hz or customizable
Power 3KW
Output 8-12t/h
Packaging speed 25KG packaging 8-10 bags/min
Packing bag valve bags
Working gas source air pressure 0.4mpa
Control system microcomputer (microcontroller + digital tube)
Coarse and fine flow control pneumatic rubber valve


Impeller valve bag filler is mainly used for quantitative bagging of non-metallic mineral powders and powders, chemical additives and other powders with high fluidity and average particle size of 8-800 mesh (15μm-2300μm).

Applicable materials

  • Putty powder
  • Mortar
  • Gypsum powder
  • Cement
  • Various additives
  • Carbon black
  • Light powder


  • Fast packing speed, high precision, small dust.
  • It is the ideal equipment for building materials and chemical industry.


Impeller valve bag filler consists of electric motor, ash-distributing assembly, weighing mechanism, control circuit and microcomputer and other parts.

Working Principle

  • The material enters into the impeller chamber assembly.
  • Pressing the start switch, the motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed for packing.
  • When the microcomputer detects the set packing weight and sends a signal to close the motor and gate, the operator carries out bag setting and bag taking.

Auger valve bag packer / Auger valve bag filler

Auger valve bag packer / Auger valve bag filler
Machine size 1400*620*1830mm
Supply voltage AC220V/50Hz or customizable
Power 20W
Output 7-9t/h
Packing speed 25KG packaging 6-7 bags/min ( Note: different materials packaging speed varies )
Packing bag valve bags
Working air source air pressure 0.4mpa
Control mode PLC + high-precision weighing
Coarse and fine flow control rotary gate


Auger valve bag packer is mainly used for quantitative bagging of various powders and small particle-size materials. Applicable materials include:

  • Putty powder
  • Mortar
    Gypsum powder
  • Cement
  • Various additives
  • Carbon black
  • Light powder
  • Sand grain

Auger valve bag packer has the following features:

Fast packing speed, high precision, low dust, low abrasion, low noise, and low energy consumption.
It is a more ideal equipment for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.

Structure and working principle

Auger valve bag packer consists of pneumatic valve, material bin, material level meter, air floatation chamber, push bag unloading mechanism, weighing mechanism, PLC control device, and other components.

Working Principle

  • The material enters into the bin, the material level meter detects the signal and closes the pneumatic valve.
  • Pressing the start switch, the air floatation chamber works for packing.
  • PLC control device detects the set packing weight and closes the gate.
  • Push the bag and unload the bag automatically.

Automatic cement packing machine

The automatic cement packing machine adopts the main transmission system with frequency control, the rotary structure with center feeding, the self-control mechanism with electromechanical integration and the microcomputer automatic measuring device. There are two types of fully automatic rotary cement packing machine and gate type rotary cement packing machine. There are 6-16 nozzles rotary packing machine, you can choose according to your needs. In addition to manual bag insertion, the functions of cement bag pressing, gate opening, cement filling and bag dropping can be automated. And not inserting the bag does not fill the bag, the bag weight does not reach the calibrated value does not fall out of the bag; bag accidentally fall out of the gate immediately and automatically close. It makes the operation of the equipment simpler and the maintenance more convenient, and achieves the features of stable performance, accurate measurement, quick ash discharge, good sealing, high efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, it is the ideal equipment for cement, mortar, putty powder manufacturers to bag.

Open mouth packaging machine with sewing machine

Open mouth packaging machine with sewing machine
  • Manual bag loading, pneumatic bag clamping, fully automatic weighing and measuring.
  • Automatic material packaging PLC control function, integrating weight display, packaging sequence, process interlocking, and fault alarm.
  • Independent packaging weight input, weighing weight display window, the display window adopts high brightness LED display, real-time display of packaging weight, cumulative output, and the number of bags.
  • Simple and intuitive menu operation.
  • Independent weighing system weighing, weighing accuracy ± 0.2%, fast speed.
  • No lumps of materials when packing, no damage to the shape of materials; materials are not easy to remain in the packing machine, easy to clean.
  • Conveyor adjustable lifting: according to different weights, and different heights of bags, the height of the conveyor can be adjusted.

Jumbo bag packing machine

Jumbo bag packing machine
Type Ton Bag Packing Machine
Packing Material Jumbo Bag, Ton Bag, Bulk Bag, FIBC Bag
Packing Capacity 10- 20 bags/h
Weighing Range 500-2000 Kg/bag, or customized according to your needs
Application Materials Granular materials,powdery materials,flake materials, granule and powder mixture, irregularly shaped materials and bad fluidity materials

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